OCD Communities Incubation Program - Update #84

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

Hello everyone! Team OCD here with another update on our ongoing Community Incubation Program. The communities are trying their best to keep engagement levels up and are ready to welcome and guide new users. Community leaders/moderators continue to highlight great posts in our discord for some added curation.

We aim to support communities, help them grow, and allow users posting on genre-specific topics to find the right community spaces to interact with like-minded individuals and gain through the focused curation done by community leaders.

If you've started a new and unique genre-specific community that has the potential to raise a lot of activity, provided that your community has no existing similar community yet, feel free to apply for our incubation program - either by writing in the comment section or contacting us on our Discord in the #community-incubation channel. You can get more info about the program here.

Without further wait, below we give you details on the subscriber growth of the communities since our last post...

Photography Lovers
14972 -> 15069
3198 -> 3075
Hive Gaming
11553 -> 11621
1804 -> 1624
8726 -> 8802
2860 -> 2683
7051 -> 7089
1716 -> 1456
Movies & TV Shows
6893 -> 6937
1744 -> 1719
On Chain Art
6660 -> 6669
533 -> 444
Hive Pets
6057 -> 6087
726 -> 697
Alien Art Hive
3916 -> 3932
859 -> 767
3663 -> 3680
826 -> 810
Sports Talk Social
3652 -> 3680
987 -> 1022
Hive Open Mic
3457 -> 3492
3113 -> 3366
Hive Book Club
2988 -> 3007
1241 -> 264
Needle Work Monday
2290 -> 2300
1144 -> 906
Stock Images
2176 -> 2176
31 -> 20
2153 -> 2160
397 -> 248
Cinnamon Cup Coffee
1977 -> 1995
1467 -> 1043
WeedCash Network
1902 -> 1912
288 -> 286
Fungi Lovers
1663 -> 1668
131 -> 197
The Anime Realm
1575 -> 1578
124 -> 70
Silver Bloggers
1361 -> 1385
971 -> 1070
Home Edders
1355 -> 1370
412 -> 398
1247 -> 1251
461 -> 433
Gods On Chain
1244 -> 1251
63 -> 105
Skate Hive
943 -> 959
463 -> 425
Hive Motors
813 -> 816
86 -> 129
665 -> 668
17 -> 23
Comedy Open Mic
600 -> 616
456 -> 496
379 -> 391
252 -> 330
170 -> 183
285 -> 386

Photography Lovers has maintained the lead this week and there's no significant change in the ranking in terms of the number of subscribers. Most communities are active and doing pretty well, and people are certainly checking them out as they explore diverse topics and contribute to interesting conversations across Hive.

What's the one new community you subscribed to recently? We'd love to know in the comments.

We're looking forward to adding more communities that focusing on different subjects to our incubation program, and helping them grow with curation and/or delegations.

These posts aim to highlight the communities as well as their curation accounts that post the curation reports, and if you find a community interesting, do feel free to have a look around or subscribe. They'd be happy to welcome and guide you.

The community moderators/curators are doing a great job trying to onboard and help new users as well as highlighting great content for curation. Users must find the right communities and subscribe to those that interest them, which keeps them active and engaged. Thanks for reading!

We would appreciate it if you want to delegate to @ocdb and earn some daily returns with a low fee which can be tracked on our website and vote for our witness if you appreciate what we're doing on Hive.

Have you stumbled upon some new communities that are unique to the ones above and would like to see them get supported? Feel free to mention them here in the comments or join us on Discord and talk about it there in the #community-incubation channel! Please note that this is only for unique niches/genres of communities, nothing "general original content" or country or language-based.

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You can vote for @ocd-witness, with HiveSigner or on Hive Witnesses.

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You can delegate to @ocdb for daily liquid hive returns from curation rewards.

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We've seen a pretty nice, gradual rise in our active users as of late! Sitting around the 300 mark!

Thanks for the support in ensuring those users get the curation they deserve.

Thanks so much @ocdb for the great work you do.

I joined a new and interesting community recently - Stemsocial . There are great and wonderful contents shared there on health and sciences. The community is doing very well and I want to recommend it for support by OCD

Thank you for upvoting my post! Very much appreciated :)

Thank you @ocdb for such a generous upvote on my Elden Ring post on the gladiator dungeon boss! It is very much appreciated :)

Hi I'm in trouble, I lost my password and I only have the private keys that are saved in Hive Keychain. Is there any way you could help me generate a new password??? Because I saw that you are the recovery account from my account.

Thank you so much for your help

Gracias 😌 querido amigo gracias por tú voto.👍

I just want to say thank you so much for your support on my last post. It means to much for me. I'm every time closer and closer to my goal to buy Telephoto lens for bird photography 😍 I hope you liked all photos.. Thank you for supporting all of us