OCD Curation Report | July 2022

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Authored by @dalz

This is a report for OCD curation for July 2022.
Here we will be presenting data on curation for authors and communities that are supported by OCD.

The following topics will be covered:

  • number of votes per day
  • unique authors voted daily and monthly
  • daily HIVE rewarded
  • unique communities voted daily and monthly
  • top communities
  • number of comments voted daily

The period that will be covered here is starting from January to July 2022, with a focus on July 2022.

Number of votes per day

Here is the chart for the number of votes per day for 2022.

As we can see from the chart the number of votes has been quite constant with a small drop in the priod. On average the number of votes per day for July 2022 was around 173, while for the whole month it is 5369, a increase from the 4764 in June.

Unique authors voted daily and monthly

Here is the chart for the number of unique authors voted daily.

There is a similar trend here as the overall count for votes.
In July the average authors voted on daily is around 157. For the whole month there is a total of 1863 authors voted, up from the perevious 1717.

Auhtors voted per month

Here is the chart for the number of authors voted on a monthly basis.

We can notice the small growth in the number of monthly authors voted. From 1717 in June to 1863 in July 2022.

Daily HIVE rewarded

Here is the chart for the amount of HIVE rewarded daily.

Note that this is HIVE eqvivalent numbers, since half of the authors rewards are paid in HBD.

Quite a steady numbers here with a slow uptrend. On average around 2.6k HP was distributed on daily basis from the OCD rewards.

Unique communities voted daily and monthly

Here is the chart for the number of communities voted per day.

A steady daily numbers here as well. On average around 54 communities voted on a daily basis.

On a monthly basis the chart looks like this:

Between 160 to 180 communities voted on a monthly basis. The number of communities voted is slightly up in July compared to June 2022.

Top communities

Here are the top communities that were voted on.

The Hive Open Mic is on the top, followed by the Hive Gaming and then the Movies community.

A loger list for the top curated communities looks like this.

1Hive Open Mic
2Hive Gaming
3Movies & TV Shows
4Full Deportes
6Photography Lovers
7Cinnamon Cup Coffee
10Alien Art Hive
12Foodies Bee Hive
15Comedy Open Mic
17Team Ukraine
18VIMM.TV - Streaming
20Hive Pets
22Sports Talk Social
23Hive Diy
24Family & Friends
25Ladies of Hive
26Hive Book Club
27Wednesday Walk
30Gods On Chain
31Silver Bloggers
34Hive PH
35WeedCash Network
36Market Friday
37Amazing Nature
38Scholar and Scribe
40Geek Zone
41Emotions & Feelings
42Hive Food
45Home Edders
48Hive Motors

Number of comments voted daily

Here is the chart for the numbers of comments voted on daily.

On average 12 comments voted per day in July 2022.

A 173 votes per day from OCDB, supporting 157 authors daily in July, 17863 authors for the month. A 54 communities per day supported, or 172 on a monthly basis. Some small numbers of comments voted as well.


This is really good. I appreciate your support to people in hive community you are really doing a great job @ocdb

Thanks a lot for your job!