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RE: LMAC Automation | LMAC Automatisierung (Dev-Blog) [EN | DE]

I finally got to work one night while a heavy storm was blowing outside my home office window, and there was lightning and thunder. It was an enchanting scenery for this work of creation.
The very next morning I had the basic framework finished and a few days later it was born, the LMAC Bot.

Danke fur der sturm hahahhah

Well this is great news and it’s great that a good team is formed. Thank you for the work done


xD Drama boosts everything. (But it really was.)

PS: Why did this anti-spam bot downvote your comment? That's rude.
A little bit of !LUV for consolation.






@brittandjosie, you've been given LUV from @quantumg.

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