LMAC Round 129 - The Final Poll! Vote for your favorite entries and help decide who the winners will be [196 HIVE to be awarded]!

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❗️ PLEASE READ before voting ❗️

Vote for your favorite candidates by upvoting the respective comments below this post! The final ranking is stake-weighted. If you wish to give your vote the maximum weight make sure to vote at 100%. Please vote at least three finalists.

👉 DO NOT comment below the comments with the finalist names to maintain a high visibility of the roster at the top of the comment section. Comments to the main post are obviously allowed and appreciated.

🌟 The resulting comment rewards received by the @lmac account will go 100% into the prize pool of the next round of LMAC!

The poll will close after 24 hours!

Welcome everyone to the final Poll of Let's Make a Collage - Round 129!

In this poll all Hivers are invited to decide on the distribution of 196 HIVE among this week's LMAC finalists!

Our community awards were made possible by all our participants who set the @lmac account as a 20% beneficiary in their LMAC and LILcontributions!

All proceeds which the @lmac account receives as beneficiary are redistributed by 100% and are to ensure that our prize pool is able to grow in tandem with an increasing number of submissions.

If you haven't yet found the time, please visit our community page to inspect this week's amazing entries in all detail. All submissions are still in active payout so please consider to upvote and comment to encourage all contributors!

__Please join me in applauding the finalists of the LMAC contest, Round 129:

Please vote for your favorite candidates by upvoting the respective comment below. Voting for several candidates is allowed and appreciated!_

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Please vote for the submissions you like the most! 📌 Multiple selection is allowed and appreciated! Note that the poll will close 24h after its publication!

Good luck everyone and till tomorrow!

💬If you have further questions about the LMAC or the LIL let us know in the comments or come right over to our dedicated Discord at:

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Nicely done friends. You all deserve it. Congratulations 💪