Let's Make a Collage, Round 130 - Winner Announcement!


This Week's Highlights & Announcements:

🌟 Huge prize pool with 238 HIVE to award winners in this round!

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Hello Hivers, Hello LMACians!

Yesterday's poll to choose the winners of Round 130 of Let's make a collage has just been closed and the community has decided on the distribution of 238 HIVE in prizes!

Join us in applauding this round's fantastic winners! 👏👏👏

First Place: 35.70 HIVE

Second Place: 30.94 HIVE

Third Place: 26.18 HIVE

Fourth Place: 21.42 HIVE

Fifth Place: 16.66 HIVE

Top 10: 14.28 HIVE (if eligible*)





Top 15: 7.14 HIVE (if eligible*)






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ALL Contest Entries

Thank you all for your engagement, by creating these awesome collages and joining the polls!

See you all back tomorrow in LMAC Round 131!

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Thank you very much for the opportunity to be a judge in this Round, it was difficult to select only 03 collages that would go to the final.

A round of creative collages, some with controversial themes.

Congratulations to the Winners, well deserved award.

Congratulations to the participants. If you were not selected for the final, it's time to shine for the next round.

Thank you very much @shaka

See you in the next Round.


Thank you @eve66!

No había podico pasar antes a agradecer y a expresar la enorme alegría que me produce que mi collage haya sido considerado entre tantos increíbles trabajos presentados en esta ronda. Desde los collages que explotan el color hasta los que explotan el humor, hubo una diversiada que es, en sí misma, muy grata de contemplar.
Gracias a todos los que votaron por mi collage y a los que usaron mis contribuciones a #LIL.
Gracias, @shaka, @agmoore, @mballesteros y @quantumg por hacer cada semana posible este encuentro.

Congratulations to the winners Thank you so much @shaka and all who support me.

Nice Round, Congratulations to the winners.

Congrats everyone. We did good and I can't wait for the next round, kudos shaka

Congratulations to the finalists with their dream collages 👏
Thankful to those who supported my image with their votes 👍

Congratulations to all participants 👏👏👏

Congratulations to all the winners. I am happy to have achieved this accomplishment and motivated to keep going once again.
Thanks @shaka and @eve66 as well as the whole team.

Amigos de LMAC. Qué emoción haber visto mi collage como finalista!

Felicito a todos los artistas que siguen dejando su huella aquí. He visto técnicas impecables, ideas maravillosas e imaginación sin límite.

Un abrazo para todos. Nos vemos en la próxima ronda!

Friends of LMAC. What a thrill to have seen my collage as a finalist!

Congratulations to all the artists who continue to leave their mark here. I have seen impeccable techniques, wonderful ideas, and limitless imagination.

A big thank you to all of you. See you in the next round!

Greetings friends, what a joy to be in the final, with all these excellent collages of great creativity and reflection of the messages that transmit great art, congratulations to all the winners, to those who participated, to those who supported my collage, and to the whole team from @shaka because the process of curating and selecting the winners is hard work. See you at the next contest, God willing.


Hola amiga muchas gracias

Creo que para el próximo concurso seré jurado. 👀

Que felicidad nuevamente, estoy muy agradecido con ustedes @lmac 😃 muchas gracias por el primer lugar 🥰

¡Felicidades a todos! Ahora, ¿Que nos traerá @shaka mañana? 👀🔥

Felicitaciones, hermoso Collage


Gracias Eve :)

Congrats @edgarafernandezp. You placed first again.

@sachingeorge I loved the perfection of your collage, the handling of the lights and the ability to blend the images.

Thank you eve

Thanks to everyone who supported my collage, I feel happy to be in the Top 10

Congratulations to the winners...in other words, everyone. It is true that some won prizes, but so many did shine. I agree with @evv66. The choice is always a challenge.

Tomorrow we start anew. Good luck to all.

Dear friends, thanks to all the people who supported my collage. I congratulate the participants of this beautiful Round.
We are all winners!

Congratulations @edgarafernandezp for your well-deserved award, success for you

Thank you @brume7 yes I really am very happy about all this :)

Thank you very much, judges,😎👍 and congrats to all winners!

surprise, thank you

Congratulations to the winning Collage.

Thank you for your support.

Congratulations to all winners

Congratulations everyone

Congratulations my friends, it was a difficult round and it made us to become more creative. All the best for next round.

Unfortunately, I am a bit late with my comment. (It can happen, especially as the heat doesn't seem to help concentration).
My congratulations this time go to all those who took part. It just seems to me that there was a lot of LSD involved in the front ranks. :-)

Leider bin ich etwas spät mit meinem Kommentar dran. (Kann ja mal passieren, zumal die Hitze der Konzentration nicht zuträglich scheint.)
Meine Gratulation geht dieses Mal an all jene, die sich beteiligt haben. Mir scheint es lediglich, dass bei den vorderen Rängen jede Menge LSD im Spiel war. :-)