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Through Hive, many of us have grown to appreciate how technology can make a significant difference. I am one of those people who has grown to value technology even more as a result of Hive. Hive has indeed been an amazing experience for me.

In this video, I shared with everyone the impacts Hive has had on my life. I want to thank the Hive community for giving me the chance to make a difference in various ways for other people.


We all have something to say about how Hive has influenced our lives, so I invite you to join this activity by Hiveghana and share your story too. Thank you for your time and attention.

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Thank you Collinz for everything you do! What hive means to me is that I was able to meet people like you! Folks like you only exist in one place on the internet!

I am deeply moved and greatly appreciate such meaningful words. They serve as a constant source of inspiration that motivates me every single day. Your presence and the kindness words truly inspire me. Thank you so much.@unorgmilitia🙏🏽

Hell yea dude! hopefully I can get involved here soon, and use the DHF proposal system to benefit the community around me.. That is something I have been thinking of lately. Either trash cleanup, or helping the homeless somehow

Technology has indeed been a life saver for many many people. Great story, I'm inspired by you on how Hive has been an eye opener in reaching out to communities and positive impacting their lives with your presence!

I'm glad you've been Inspired. Hive showed us what was possible with technology; reaching out and solving real. world problems. I'm glad to see what we've accomplished so far

You’ve done really well with Hive, hats off to you brother. Hive has indeed been a great plus to all our lives and my life as well. I should be participating in this soon.

Thanks for the compliments. Everything we have done so far were all made possible by everyone who has been engaging on Hive, thanks to everyone on Hive. Can't wait to see you get involved.



Gracias por deleitarnos con tan magnífica publicación, la cual fue valorada por @Womentribe una comunidad para destacar el valioso potencial del ser humano.

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Good work you've done brother, I can't think of how you took it up to this stage, it's really inspiring. Thanks for always motivating.

Thanks for your kinds words 🙏🏽