Future Directions; expanding Educational Initiatives and Building a Brighter Future.

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The development of educational activities in several Ghanaian communities is one of the hive blockchain's successes in Africa. In this video, I discuss how hive has improved the lives of disadvantaged kids in Ghanaian communities.

The distribution of free notebooks extends beyond the practical component of educational materials. It also encourages pupils' creativity and critical thinking. Students may participate in the autonomous review and exhibit creativity when they have a dedicated location to write down their opinions, concepts, and tasks. The hive notebooks serve as an empty surface for pupils as they discover their potential and devise creative solutions to local problems.


The availability of free notebooks is critical in building strong organizational skills and routines for learning. Students may now retain organized records of their tasks, notes from classes, and study resources. Students may keep organized with the provision of specialized notebooks, making it simpler for them to go through and improve their classes. This practise helps to increase student achievement and educational results overall.

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Thankss for sharing this too @abu78. I'm glad that you're part of the powerful impact created in Ghana with hive.

My pleasure sir,

You are very correct. I know how much a feels when you hand him over school materials to encourage him or her in her studies. It is an unforgettable gift. This post is encouraging @mcsamm. I will share it on #leothreads

Thanks many times dear @ijelady . We should all be excited of our effort bringing this to existence. It's powerful and hive will forever be remembered.

It fills me with joy to know this. I know that the educational and health issues in Africa are very delicate. On the one hand, I like very much that you give us information about the reality precisely in Ghana, but also, it is beautiful to know that Hive has collaborated in the expansion of education and welfare of these children. I am very proud to be part of this community and I congratulate you and the Hive team that is working for this cause.

Thank you for the follow sir!! and for all the work that you do!

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