HIVE has proven itself

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Hive Apps have created a significant amount of history and it is right on its own track as a Free Speech Platform or Protocol as TheyCallMeDan is referring to the chain lately. We’re a frontier colony out in the wild. It is challenging at times and we like that.

Quick disclaimer, for the rest of this post, I will stick to Freedom of Expression including Freedom of Speech, freedom of financial decision-making as an expression of value, and all abstract forms of expression which happen around and inside of the Hive Ecosystem. For example, if I value Sats over Cents, that is an Expression of Value. This is important as I mention Freedom of Expression deeper in this post.

I do believe that Freedom of Expression is fundamental to the creation of human prosperity. It’s essential for a functioning and healthy society on all levels. Especially in times of fast change. As we try to find a safe way forward as a community, it is detrimental to have ways for the purpose of exchanging information. The Bear Market was cold, Splinterlands is not mooning, Leofinance looks still the same and AI might take over sooner than expected. It’s obvious! We’re under constant threat of losing our ways.
The ongoing fight between “old Twitter” and new Twitter is telling its audience an important story in this regard. Freedom nurtures ingenuity and gives birth to healthy changes and productive progress. Twitter was financially dead, like a skid row tent app, ready to sell its ass for any kind financial injection. Fentanyl, FBI or DNC – we don’t care, shoot it in our veins. But the Market summoned Musk and unleashed the Platform from its shackles. Now Twitter is very healthy ready to attack YouTube as a Video platform. But let’s not be too euphoric about that, most of us will probably live long enough to see it fall in the abyss again.

But why is that true? Some of the main challenges that we’ve been witnessing facing Freedom of Expression on Twitter, or anywhere, is the tendency of people to become entrenched in viewpoint warfare. The pathway to those battlegrounds is well documented.

  1. Every possible opinion on anything is always available to us, and consequently, we are overwhelmed.
  2. Social media platforms have made it easy for individuals to escape and surround themselves with like-minded individuals, and as a result, many people are now living in echo chambers.
  3. Those homogenic digital spaces are mostly chatrooms and AI-driven personalized feeds to keep us comfy.

Life can be so simple, just surround yourself with only good people in your personal safe space and everything will be fine. Laughable! But not funny.

We don't have to guess how that works over a longer period of time, no, we've already witnessed it play out. Those friendly like-minded chambers filled with only good people, will grow out of their boundaries and go to war with each other. Obviously, it gets out of control because everyone is fighting for the greater good. The first victim in any war is freedom of information, therefore speech including the written one and its authors. We've all seen it play out over the last years. Let's at least take some lessons from it before we go back to woke Discord.
The others very important angle of looking at this is the rising necessity for censorship. We all are censors, there are too many impressions pounding at us at any time of the day. It's not easy to keep reading this difficult text with a royal hamster on the same screen. We all get it. Personally, I’m a big censor of left-biased news sources, there are too many of those! I need to take attention deliberately away from them and drag some into the center and right. The Censorship is strong in me, I must balance the forces.

To address these challenges on a personal level, I choose to surround myself with a culture of open dialogue and painful debate.

This also means actively seeking out and engaging with perspectives that are wrong from my point of view. Standing up for the rights of individuals to express themselves, beyond my personal preferences. I do that for my good, not for them, because I’m not a fool. A lack of Freedom of Expression in a digital society has far-reaching consequences. It leads to the suppression of ideas, stifles creativity and fosters mental fragility. The Hamster King is naked!

LcTxR7u1XKaapBH3qwmEZeimAxECSVo91H6DdUAVt2PqekxPARccSkPc9n6RhFTukvAfNH29SUNb2hPpFpJ3KaqPaLtR3csppzBZZbH8kw38GWUJYTRYqaMT8hNALz5Ye7hBPAHs655QiHs8hifeLuN14.pngTo give praise where it is due, our digital communities on Chain are very diverse and balance themselves well. If you feel explorative today go use and try your luck! There’s a lot of diversity on chain! Usually the further away from “professional Curators” the more personal and more colorful it will become, obviously scam & spam will be part of the journey too.

You should try to do some exploration! Shoutout to @jongolson

We are indeed a digital society on this chain, experience has told us that all our Freedoms come with the price of constant recalibration. Friction is necessary, power will be wielded, and heavy words will be exchanged. That is how it works.

But there’s something I’ve been noticing. We should try to avoid collateral damage, keep people around, and put our eyes on creative and innovative content. Some Stakes handle themselves a bit recklessly, that is an area with a lot of room for personal growth. Am I right Mr. @Solominer? Disputes over rewards or content quality should not break our principle of Freedom of Expression. Let me add some more salt to the soup before I conclude. I've lost every single person I onboarded over the last two years. Some of them didn't have the means, but some did get frustrated due to downvote trails. We must prioritize high standards of behavior when it comes to downvoting with big stakes or will lose thousands and thousands of people over that in the upcoming bull season. That's all I will say about that in this post because it's a No-Problem in the Beautiful City of Neoxian.

Let's conclude, Hive has proven itself as a very worthy endeavor. It's still super fast, easy to get started, and extremely rich in crypto education. People are well-spirited, and communities are tagging along. Some of the Open-Source projects around the corner have all the right ingredients to shock the world.

Let's go 2023, let's go City of Neoxian.


Would you like to agree or disagree with me? Let me hear it.


I did borrow graphics from @doze @ausbitbank and @urun thanks and a 2% reward share for each of you.

This isn't a short post and the topic ain't easy. If you made it to the end, let me share this bear with you and celebrate together what is hopefully the end of the winter.

He's got the bear market blues, but he's feeling fine
He knows the ups and downs, of the market's design
He'll ride the wave, and have some fun
Until the market's done, and crypto has won!

original text by @urun 's graphics card

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Eh and beautiful the bear of the celebrations! 🤣🤣🤣

Of course I did it, your post is really interesting and offers lots of food for thought, thanks for sharing it!

Obviously, congratulations 🤗

Thanks! The Bear is a real musician.

You have said it all. Hive is a great platform that speaks for itself. I will share what we will show the people of Ghana 🇬🇭 on Saturday

Thanks, keep driving the evolution forward!

Those art are awesome indeed!

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