Towards Digital Civilization and "The Great Filter"

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There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Digital Trustnetworks, Digital Identity and Digital Statehood.

Personally I can't help be notice that all the work I've seen so far was inconclusive and left me feeling in disarray. They all seemingly lack groundwork, fundamental structure and direction.

It's all the best intentions combined with low level ingenuity and running in all directions at the same time. Unbearable. To help myself out of this Dilemma, I went back to the absolute basics.

What is it we're trying to do fundamentally?

Q: What is it that we're trying to do?A: Digitize value and information exchange between humans.
Q:What is it that we want to 'digitize' in one word?A: Society.
Q:Is there something more fundamental than 'Society' to digitize?A: Civilization.
Q:Is there something more fundamental than Civilization?A: In order to digitize Civilization, we will digitize everything else too.

That makes sense, let's start there: Digital Civilization

Confronted with the term 'Digital Civilization', I'm immediately getting pulled into the Fermi Pradox and the concept of the "The Great Filter". Maybe there is a place for digital civilizations within the great filter? Let's explore that, it feels like we're on to something here.

If you're new to the concept of the Fermi Pradox (from wiki):

The Fermi paradox is the discrepancy between the lack of conclusive evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life and the apparently high likelihood of its existence.

For now I'm more interested in The Great Filter, which was a product of smart people thinking about the Fermi Paradox. At its core, the Great Filter speaks to the astonishing hurdles life must navigate to birth a civilization akin to our own. It's a humbling testament to the staggering improbability of such intricate events unfolding serendipitous over the eons. As we stand on the cusp of ushering society into the digital age, it's vital to frame this evolution within this grander tapestry of existence. Venture with me into this exploration, where past meets potential and the improbable becomes reality.

Here we go, The Great Filter:
| 1. | The right star system conditions
| 2. | Reproductive molecules arising
| 3. | Simple single-cell life arising
| 4. | Complex single-cell life arising
| 5. | Multi-cellular life arising
| 6. | Sexual reproduction evolving
| 7. | Complex lifeforms with high intelligence and tool-making abilities evolving
| 8. | Emergence of traditional civilization <- right now

My speculation from here on

| 9. | Reinvent digital civilization
| 10. | Expand civilization across the cosmos!

Every step of the filter we've passed suggests that the rise of civilized life in the universe is like finding a single pearl in a vast ocean. The steps yet to come imply that civilizations could self-destruct or face extinction before they manage to venture beyond their star systems and explore the universe's endless horizons. The universe is a dark cold place that knows of no merci. It's up to us to make a change and spread civilization across time and space. Or die in the dark and be forgotten in literally - no time.

Now let's take a breath and feel the atmosphere. I just placed us between traditional and digital civilization in an revolutionary act of extending the The Great Filter.

But it feels right, I feel home and my personal life properly described as on the jump between traditional and digital. This has to be the starting point. The origin of the vector that's pointing into the unknown. The place to put down groundwork for whatever is going to be a Digital Civilization, encompassing Trustnetworks, Digital Identity, Digital Statehood and whatever a real Network State is going to be.

Like the single-cell life form that transformed into a complex single-cell to later turn into a multi-cellular life. We will transform from a simple society member of the physical world, into a complex society entity that lives in the traditional and digital equally, to than turn into a multi-society organism being part of the Digital Civilization of the future.

Like in earlier stages of The Great Filter the cells representing life, now the complex humans representing civilization will have to evolve.

simple single-cellsimple society = traditional
complex single-cellcomplex society = traditional + digital extension
multi-cellularmulti-society = multiple digital & physical

Barriers like foreign language skills will have been evaporated, physical space will become secondary to digital connectivity and reputation will dominate appearance at least 1000:1.

I'm down for any progress we can make in the sooneverse, let's go full steam ahead and give our best.

This post wants to share an idea of position and direction, like a vector in math. I'm certainly wrong, but maybe not 100%. Certainly I can use this as groundwork to paint a picture of real progress. The next step would be to talk about the paradigms of the complex society we've already become part of.

Please kindly share your thoughts and impressions in the comments. We're all just failing forward in the grad scheme of things.

Cheers to you all.

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