Shooby Do Wop (Original) by Neoxian City Musicians || Hive Anthem?

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A couple of weeks ago, something spontaneously awesome happened in the City of Neoxian, and a song that we'd like to call the "Hive Anthem" was born. It was short and simple, and I shared it here. However, the Dragon himself, @neoxian, inspired us to make it a real deal, and so we did—@sholex94, @merit.ahama, and myself, @olujay.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks afterwards, and a lot more work done, we made a much longer version with more lyrics, more sound, and more voices. We'd like to know what you think about it. Yes, you, dear reader (and listener). Simply click on the play button and listen—if you haven't already.

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What you just listened to are the voices of sholex, merit.ahama, and myself, with my guitar in the background. And now that you have listened to the extended version, hopefully, what do you think about it? Hive anthem, maybe?

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Awwn, I've listened to this countless times now, I love the song lyrics and the harmony but I was waiting to hear bass but I didn't 😑. Olujay better add the bass or you @sholex94 abi it's @merit.ahama sef? Anyone of you that can should please do, hehe.

But overall, this is lovely and melodious just a few touches here and there.

Woah. You're right, Hope. I totally forgot that I could have added my bass voice to the song and added some more color. It's definitely happening when we make the remix.

I'm glad you love it regardless, Hope. Maybe we could even have you on the next version or something.

Yes Joe, that would be awesome, you should do that, I'd love to hear how it sounds 😇.

It's would be an honor to be featured, I think I can help in the aspect of adding an alto part, hehe.

You're always welcome 🥰

Nice, to use this as a possible Hive anthem is a pretty cool idea, nice work on the song people!

Hey! Hey! 😃

I appreciate that. Thank you very much. Let's see what happens from here.

The progress with this whole thing is amazing, it's funny how some fun at city could birth such a beautiful outcome 😊

Well done to my fellow city musicians hehe. I hope we get feedbacks that would get us to make this sound even better 💯

Thanks to Mr D and every person at the city who made this project get to this stage.

What started off as a joke turned into a real thing, and an amazing one at that. It was a priviledge to work with you both. I look forward to feedback on how to make this even hotter than it already is.

Thanks guys for your response, we really appreciate and with you guys we can still make it better.

Special thanks to Mr D for giving us the opportunity to do this wonderful project.

Brooooooo! You guys are good! Well done, bosses.

Shoby do wop
I love hive!

My guyy...thanks, man.


Great people with great voices.

I appreciate that, man.

This is super cool, you guys nailed it.

Hive to the world.

Sir George himself. I appreciate that, man. Thanks!

Awwwwww 🥰🥰🥰
This super sweet and amazing guys
I love and love it soooooo muchhh!!!!!!
Well done my people ❤️😍

My Sweet Nkem 🫠

I'm very glad you love it. Thank you very much!

This is the best I've ever come across today 🥰. The voice and everything are just so beautiful and accurate. Weldone @sholex94 @olujay @merit.ahama

Really, man? That's very kind. Thank you! 🫡

This is beautiful☺️
Hive anthem it is💪

Many thanks!

You're welcome

All of you are incredibly unique. Love your pretty voices and how melodic this sounds. Well-done, city musicians and to you, especially for putting this masterpiece together.🤗💕

And to think I thought less of it before, and here everyone loves it. Thank you, Fangy, and for being there for Minion always.

Yeah. The extended version is nice.

It is amazing. Very amazing.

@merit.ahama, @sholex94 and @olujay. You did very well.

Amazing? Woo!!

Thank you very much, Lizzy.

Wowow really cool!

I reblogged it 👍

Now, have to mentioned #theterminal members
if you have time @brittandjosie and @jamerussell, just listen that song

Hey, Uncle. Thank you very much! 😀

I hope they like it as well.

I hope so too.

The voices are so unique,
The Harmony and Melody on the song is Superb too,
Our City Musicians are Doing Amazing
Keep Rocking 🎸🎸💥💥💥❤️❤️❤️

We go soon turn The Rock, ma fo. 😄
Thank you for your kind words, man.

Awweee🥰 This is supper cool to listen to.. Sweet voice, amazing lyrics, and presentation. !luv

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Many thanks, funshee..and for the luv, too.