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Recently, I asked Russian Bloggers a few questions about politics.

I would like to share the translation of the following entry of @stdd from Belarus. Here is his original post : Вопросы по политике в теме дня..

Of course I asked his permission to translate the post. And he allowed me to do so !

Here is the translation :

  • Should we discuss politics at all ?

We live in a free world, no matter how ridiculous it sounds now. But still I like one saying: "The freedom of one person ends where the freedom of another person begins." Unfortunately, I don't know who said it, but I really like it. Returning to politics: everyone is free to do what he likes, as long as he doesn’t openly interfere with the territory of another person. For myself, I decided that I would not condemn any opinion. I will not impose my opinion. If I have nothing to respond positively or on the merits, then I'll just skip it. After all, I still will not convince any of you if you do not want it.


  • Is it necessary to disclose your political idea?

If it helps someone, then why not? If you think that you are doing good with this, then why not? But if you see that every time unrest begins around what you said about politics, then maybe you shouldn’t start this conversation. These are questions rather to myself that I have been asking these 5 months. And again, I came to the conclusion for myself that I would not shake the feelings of another person. I won't help anyone with this.


  • Do you need to build your relationship on political grounds?

Definitely no! But is it possible in this world? I think it is unrealistic to do this if you are not the Dalai Lama, Buddha or someone like that. But on the other hand, if you are enlightened, then there is no politics in your world. There is nothing at all in it, for the most part. Do I agree to be drawn into these waves of negativity when discussing any issues that shake not only my psyche, but also the interlocutor? No, that's why I skip those topics and get out. Do I get it fast? No, but it's getting better every day, I'm working on it. Does it mean that my prejudices will affect my attitude towards you and your posts? No, if it does not concern negativity or aggression in any of their manifestations ...


  • Is it okay to hate people for their political point of view?

In general, you don't have to hate anyone for anything. This world is our reflection. I came to this recently. And now, when I feel like that, I dive into myself and look for this trait there, which launches this pendulum. And you know, I always find it. So every day I change myself. And I see how the world around is changing. But nothing has changed. Only my preconceived notions have become a little less...


  • Is it ok to deprive a good author of the support for expressing his point of view?

If we are talking about what to deprive the author on an ongoing basis, even if you really like the post, for past judgments? That answer is no. We make mistakes every day and in many ways. If you are not mistaken, then you are the Almighty! And I'm coming to you! So that you can teach me the same way. Well, the truth is, I look back and wonder how sure I was about some things. And now I understand that I'm not even sure about what I'm writing now. But this gives me the opportunity to look at a person every time, as for the first time. No judgment. The most correct point of view of a thing is before judgment!


  • If a person simply lives in a non-likable country, is he / she guilty of anything?

I live in Belarus, am I to blame for this? I don't think it's a matter of guilt. It's a matter of choice! If you chose what you wanted, then you will feel comfortable anywhere. Be it a country, a job or a relationship. There will be many people who will consider you guilty or vice versa. And this is their choice. But is it really that important to you if you know what you're doing? Absolutely nothing matters if I am in harmony with myself. No words or actions will make me answer you with insults, even if I hear them addressed to me. Promise!


I'm very thankful to the author. I even find him a like-minded person.

That was of course in my opinion an entry from most Russian-speaking people who think very well.

I would say that the entry is professional. From someone having an experience in all this.

I was also a part of all this and still.

There will always be space for improvement !

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Well said @stdd I like the fact you said we shouldn’t hate anyone and respect others opinion. @clixmoney this is another style one can use to post here, I hope to try this as well.

Cool. I'll be happy seeing you doing so.

Yes, it was written from the heart! Every word!
Have a nice day!

Oh, it was very exciting to read my own words. More than ever! This is great work! 100% collaborative! Work done from the heart should hit the heart!
Thank you so much!

@clixmoney! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @stdd. (10/10)

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Reading the translation I understand that the author @stdd is an unbiased person and has a volume of big experience about life and cordial relationship. Thank you @Clixmoney you're doing a great job. I'm sure with this energy and sound collaboration with other Russians, friends of Russia, and the press media, history about Russia would be revamp.