Hive Book Club Community Contest #3 Prompts How to Know How to Know Total Prize 55 Hive And 500 CCC

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Hello Bibliophile!

We are back with another contest. In order to increase more engagement, awareness, and also activity in the community, we are back with our contest. We hope through this contest you will discover interesting books and also connect with other bibliophiles.


Here are the prompts that you can choose in this contest. Please only pick ONE.

What self-book that you didn't expect you would enjoy reading it?

How has a self-help book impacted you positively?

Do you ever have a disagreement with the author's advice from your favorite self-help book? explain your disagreement.


We also take this opportunity to introduce an indie author who recently published their books.This time, we are introducing the book from The Umbrella Experiment titled " How to Know How to Know" which is available on amazon paperback and also via kindle unlimited. How to Know How to Know: A Short, Fun, and Easy-Reading Manual on How to Excel in Epistemology, Existentialism, Art and Finance

source How to know How to know

How To know How To know By The Umbrella Project
Most self help books emphasize movement - constant striving and yearning for things. This book will help you learn stillness. It begins by offering major insights on knowledge -- acquisition, retention, and consolidation, before moving into other epistemological and existential fields such as art, solitude, and even finance.How to Know How to Know focuses on the here and now. It explores how to acquire wisdom through self-satisfaction and self-content. How to be alone and at peace. How to be satisfied with not knowing. Among others. It also does this in a way that does not, by any means, discard the importance of movement and strive, but appreciates the complexity of both movement and inertia.How to Know How to Know underlines 36 key aspects of human intellectual and psychological development and gives concise, straight-to-the-point pointers and explanations on how to excel and achieve mastery of these areas.From knowing how to acquire, retain, and consolidate knowledge, to knowing how to imitate correctly; from mastering silence, distance, charity and clarity, to knowing how to write and read, the book sets out to cover as many general areas of human existence as possible within its scope, while emphasizing the underlying principles that are applicable not just to the individual problems in each chapter, but to other related areas as well.Every chapter begins with a quick overview of the problem highlighted in the chapter.The Umbrella Project is a publishing project established to discover and publish budding and newly discovered authors from all over the world. It is the aim of the Experiment to provide a platform for those who have important contributions to pass across to society in general but lack the necessary wherewithal to do so.It is our aim to bring together these individuals, with the ultimate objective of coming up with and implementing actionable, long-lasting solutions to various problems facing contemporary.

P.S : We have received the author permission and the description above is provided by the author.


As usual, to keep the contest organized, we will have some simple rules.

  • Submission can also be posted to 3speak in video form.
  • Your post is at least 500 words (not including translations).
  • Your submission MUST be posted within the contest period; submissions after 20th August will not be considered.
  • Bilingual posts are accepted.
  • Good grammar and spelling will be considered.
  • No plagiarized content; will be disqualified if found.
  • Your engagement will be considered in the judging process.
  • Your submission must use the tag #howtoknowhowtoknow and #hivebookclub
  • Your submission should also be posted in the comment section of this post.
  • Your submission MUST be posted in Hive Book Club Community.


After 20th August, we will stop accepting submissions and begin the process of choosing our winners. The three (3) chosen winners will receive:

1st place: 30 Hive + 250 ccc token
2nd place: 15 Hive + 150 ccc token
3rd place: 10 Hive + 100 ccc token

We look forward to seeing everyone's submission!


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I look forward to participating.

Please do! we are looking for your submission😊

Just finished a book which goes very well with these topics! Can't wait to look at other responses.

Awesome! we look forward to your submission 😊

Thank you for participation! Stay tuned for the result.

Hello, this is my entry i choosed the prompt What self-book that you didn't expect you would enjoy reading it?

Thank you for participation! Stay tuned for the result.

Thank you for participation! Stay tuned for the result.

He decidido participar, ¡aquí está mi entrada!

I have decided to participate, here is my entry!

Thank you for participation! Stay tuned for the result.