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Author : @harlowjourney
Title : The Knight in Rusty Armor ⚔️🛡️ | Review

As I mentioned, this novel is told from two perspectives. One is Avery Chambers, a mental health professional who lost her license. Now that she lost her license, Avery feels freed and uses a very strange technique to help her wealthy clients in “only ten sessions.” Only ten? Okay. Well, once we see the way she assists her clients, the question in our minds should not be “why did she lose her license,” but “why didn’t she lose her license much, much sooner?”...


Author : @edujo
Title : Reseña de "El hombre invisible"/ Review of "The Invisible man"

The story is about a scientist, named Griffin, who discovers a way to become invisible. At first, this discovery is a breakthrough for him; however, not discovering the way to return to visibility, his behavior begins to be erratic and paranoid.

Griffin's state is such that he becomes cynical, and he enters a spiral of madness that leads him to commit unimaginable actions.
Upon running into Kemp, and recognizing him, Griffin exposes to him how he achieved his discovery, how it has affected him, and his plans, which horrify the doctor. In a sense, this work is somewhat reminiscent of Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hyde, where one man represents good and evil and their transformation...


Author : @susurrodmisterio
Title : ➤ Book Review The Work of Gurdjieff【ENG-ESP】

The purpose of this book is to help readers understand, as a first step in the process of the fourth path, what Gurdjieff's fundamental idea is, and how the human being can awaken the meaning of his own existence and spirit far beyond the traditional paths.
The teaching of this philosophy professes an advancement beyond the simple development of the physical body as athletes do, the mind as scholars do, and spirituality as religious people do. The fourth path is that and much more. It is something that was not known to the modern world until the creation of the first teaching center set up in France...


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