My book reading list for 2023 📚

Year 2022. Things started the same as usual, however, suddenly life got too busy. I knew that I wouldn't be consistent in writing on Hive. And not just that, my list of books to read from last year was barely crossed out, I was only able to read one. Last year, so many books, so little time became the theme of my book reading hobby. But, here's a thought, even though this will be frowned upon in any book reading club...sometimes, you only need one good book to feel like you've read enough.


This book by Susan Cain became my companion from 2021 to 2022, I've picked it up so many times in 2021, but I was only able to finished reading in the mid of 2022. This book felt like a friend who knew for years, you'd get it if you're an introvert like me. Cain talks about the quiet people, how they became, thrive, feel alive, and lastly, how they could understand themselves. As an introvert, who enjoys solace and quiet company, I felt okay being with who I am when I was reading this book.


I'd say, part of the reason why I was slow to reading, is that most books I tried to read where digital copies. There's this great feeling when I can hold the book while I read it, and of course, some pages have this pleasant smell. Even though, I barely had enough time to read last year, I was able to buy books from time to time. These books are on the top of my list of books to read for this 2023.

The first time I read children's literature (The Little Prince and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) as an adult, I felt so happy. It was like being back in time, when I enjoyed reading story books such as Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood, and more. Only this time, I'm a grown person, able to buy books with my own money haha, what a joy to have!

My stack of books includes The Picture of Dorian Gray, C.S. Lewis Signature Classics, The Particle Zoo, and The Glass Universe. Somehow, I am back to the same set of book genres that I used to read every year. I love history, memoir, science, children's literature, and non-fiction books. I do wish that I get to read all these in this year, oh, to have this reading hobby become a habit again is something I'm currently working on.


Since I am back to reading physical copies of book, I have changed my liking on doing annotations! Reading became more personal when I was annotating the pages. So that's my digital and physical stack of books, hoping to read more this year.

 last year (edited) 

to have this reading hobby become a habit again is something I'm currently working on.

I hop from one book to another. I really had a reading slump, and it's bothering me because I'm a literature teacher lol.
Hi, @travelingmercies, I don't know if you can still remember me from noisecash; it's me cguro 😊 I'm glad to see you here!

Good luck with your to read books! Cheers to more pages to flip 💓

Hello!! 🙏🏻 You're here on Hive na pala. I was advised that I read books that are easy to read or I enjoy reading whenever I can't get past a reading slump, though I'm still on that process 😃

I can totally relate with having adult money and you can buy the books you actually like 😂 Your post inspired me to do a reading list too for 2023! Hope we can share our thoughts on 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' (di ko pa natatapos basahin!) 😍

Yes, I have a list before of the books I want to buy (not to read 😅🤣) so it would just end up on a pile. This year I want to read those.

Oh, that's a great idea! :) Don't worry, naka-sched pa ng February yung The Picture of Dorian Gray. ;)

 last year  

Amazing. Last year I don't think I even read more than 5 books. I usually just abandon the books halfway because I lost interest in them or because I found something more interesting.

I hope this year would be a good year for us with books 😁

That's what usually happens to me too! I've picked up a lot of books but never got to finished reading 😅 Yes! Do you have any book recommendations by the way? :)

 last year  

I do actually.
But what genre do you prefer?

Either the classic or literary fiction. :) I haven't read much from those genres.

 last year  

Arsene Lupin by Maurice Leblanc is actually great.

If you have seen the Netflix series you'd know what it's about.
I never get around finishing it but it was a gem

Ohh, yes! I've watched an episode (it was recommended by a friend who's learning French with me), the pilot episode got my interest! It would be great to read the book. Thank you!

 last year  

Yes it is
The book was really good
I might get back to finishing it 😅

I am more into Physical books versus digital copies as I can relate to making notes in the book itself. I feel that every time that there's a spark of an idea that happened while reading it is way better to jot it down on that page so that I can still remember. Digital copies are meh.

YES! Writing some doodles and notes on the pages feels like talking to a friend haha. Even though I learned to read digital book copies out of curiosity (amazingly, I was able to read it up to the end), I'd still want to buy physical copy of the book especially if it's a good read.

Children literature are awesome, help get the old childhood free grove, am not much of a history love, but they actually hit a spot in my head, they help us avoid a lot of troubles. Thanks for sharing.

I stick with history books for that same reason, there are things to learn from the old ways. ;)

At least you where able to read one book, and I agree with you it takes one book to make you feel you’ve read a lot. I quite understand your love for that particular book as I am also an introvert. I wish you more reading this year. Take care.

I definitely recommended reading Quiet! :) I've learned a lot from that book, there are a lot of processing because some chapters were loaded with discussions but you'll love it.

Oh wow, thank you.

You're right, at least it was one good book and not none.
Hopefully 2023 will be full of good literary pieces and you will share your experience with us. A hug and blessings for this new year.



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Yes, I do hope too. I used to share my thoughts here on Hive about the books I've read (year 2021) Thank you for the support! :)

I hope you can take it up again in this 2023.... Blessings to you