The Best Vegan Lion

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Hello plant based foodies, wherever you are in the world!

Some months ago, we started an interesting alliance with Leo Finance, which we timely announced in this post in which We invited them to participate in the LeoFinace platform, where they could do microblogging using the #threads alternative. During this time we have obtained a nice interaction towards vegan posts on said platform; however, the LeoFinance team has proposed another initiative, and it is The author of the Week, with the intention of evaluating those posts of very high quality, and we have decided to accept this idea. Actually, this initiative begins every Friday and ends on Sunday, that is, it lasts 3 days, we will be summoning the community through a #threads, so that they can vote for the four best posts published in the last seven days in the Plant Power (Vegan) community. Users will have the option to choose only one post, it is not valid to vote for more than one.


We want to emphasize that this initiative is different from the special weekly curation The Best of the Week that we usually do on Wednesdays, they are different things; so the posts that are included in that curation may or may not enter this new initiative, which we have decided to call The Best Vegan Lion.


The last week, in the Edition Nº 6 of The Best Vegan Lion, the winner was @carolynstahl, with her recipe Beets two ways, which earned the title of Best Vegan Lion, and 60% of the reward of this post. You can see the result of the poll here



Below you have the best four posts that were published in Plant Power (Vegan), between Friday May 19, 2023 (00:00 UTC), until Thursday May 25, 2023 (23:59 UTC). If you want to see them in detail, you can click on each one, and so you can choose the one you like the most from those four. Once this is done, you will go to the next #thread where you will vote for the one you have chosen. Remember that your vote is valid for a single post, no more.

The participating posts for this week are:


IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to be logged in with Hive Keychain on the LeoFinace platform, so you can view the voting options and also vote.



This poll ends on Sunday, May 28, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. PST



In this initiative, in the next post, the winner will be the beneficiary of 60% of the rewards, and here are very good votes from various whales.



If you have interacted on the LeoFinace platform doing the #threads, you may have noticed that we frequently vote for #threads that have the #vegan tag, and we do this with our curator account @veganlove. Sometimes it takes us a day or two to vote for them, but we always try to recognize your interest in doing these microblogging. Every time we vote, you win in $leo tokens and starting today, we will also be recognizing the three most active users on said platform on a weekly basis, giving them a gift of 1 $leo for each one. This week the most active are: @itsme9001 @edwing357 @virgilio07. Thank you very much for your interest and presence in #threads, with the #vegan tag


Soon we will have more surprises for all of you, so cheer up! And share your great content on THREADS and help us choose THE BEST VEGAN LION


Delegations welcome!
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Countdown terminated on May 29, 2023, 8:00 AM
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Thanks for the support

Thank you very much for the mention

Congrats to Vegan Lion @carolynstahl! 😁💚
Thank you so much for putting my name on the list for the weekend 😎 I have chosen my favorite already. Good luck to all!

You're welcome, your recipe is very good @marlyncabrera

Thanks and also when you vote, does anything happen. For me nothing happens. I recently just managed to log in finally. I always have these problems. I'm a two time high school drop out haha.

😆 It happened to me last time; I logged in, then clicked on the link on the post, but it just took me to the #thread by @veganlove with no option to cast my vote. I tried several times but wasn't able to vote until I visited the veganlove's profile directly and found the poll.

That's strange. I have seen that if the account is not logged in the Leofinance application, it happens that the poll does not appear. Only after being logged in does the poll appear.

The poll appears but nothing happens when I cast a vote.

Perhaps the history or cache of the PC or phone needs to be cleared. I'm sorry you're having trouble with that.

I'm using a laptop that never gives me trouble but I will check the cache thing haha. I'm really stupid that way. Thanks for the tip.

Wow I'm very thankful and appreciate this very much. Thanks to all!

I finally was able to log in after over a month of trying. The only thing is when I cast a vote, nothing seems to happen. Am I the dumbest person on Hive? What am I doing? Or does it not show that I've voted?

Please forgive me for my on going inability to do these things here.

I think it takes time to update the results. Page refresh required