“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Those that think they can't change the world, don't.

"I love to work out because I understand what it's gonna do to me on the back end."

I feel ya bro never skip glute day!

All in all, I hear what ya saying and, as a larger investor in hive, I hope you have the insight to really things towards prime time.

Think a lot of the other folks heads get in the way and this is a hindrance to people with real vision.

Wow, only understood half of what you said at the beginning, because i'm not good with finances neither understand much about how the Blockchain works, but i loved your voice, can i say that i have a crush on you for it? it's the first time i've heard it. hahaha🙈 Anyways, please don't judge me, i'm very new, i'll soon keep learning how everything works here.

You say it's not a motivational message... but i do believe it was, mixed with the love you have for Hive, for some reason i felt you were defending her more than anything, i guess a lot of people have had wrong opinions about Hive.

Random question: Do you know how many people is logged in Hive? That can be an interesting number to know.

I still don't know what the main purpose of Hive is... but i have to admit that i did get into the network for the money... but i can assure you that i'm going to stay because i love it, because of the way i've met a lot of people, because of what i've learned from other cultures, because of how much i've grown in the little time i have here, because i've seen that there are people who really care about what i write about and it has touched the hearts of some people... I'm already happy with just being able to listen to the opinions of others and to be able to share with them, more than just making money... and of course we look for a way to put the post on the whales´s road, but i don't even check the earnings of the posts that much anymore, i put the tags just in case i hit something, and in the meantime i enjoy what i write and how i can help being here, which is just what you say... it goes much further than just making money.

Btw, do you have a flu? hahaha 🍻✌️ and good vibes!

... but i can assure you that i'm going to stay because i love it

I would wager the majority of people find Hive because they are looking to make money in some way. Let's face it, that is attractive to anyone. But like you, those that stay do so because they enjoy it, not just for money.

Thanks for sharing!

Yeah @joebrochin! And i think everyone who stays does! Because it becomes a very exhausting job if all you're looking for is money. You have to enjoy what you do.

Glad to know, you are a passionate researcher - having someone backing hive is like having a very strong support. I understand, many who are already here, will agree to your opinion - super bullish on hive - but why are we not planning for some strong marketing to offer hive as a platform ? Some professional marketing on the technology itself will have big impact.


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The magic # is 10,000. How close are we?

We are well passed that mark, esp if you count the "sleeper" accounts. I see hive as a giant hay stack covered in gasoline, one little spark and the world will know we are here.

Powered up after listening to this :)

don't mind being called the cockroaches of crypto; lol. we are resilient.

Coulda... Woulda... Shoulda...
Accepting a failure here and there ain’t shit!!! It’s how you come back!!

Hive came from something that became corrupt. To me.. Hive means something!!

Freedoms getting taken away... that is what us Union boys Understand... once you give it up... good luck getting it back. Local 77 We keep the lights on for ya

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Very motivational speech. Well i am very much bullish and crazy for hive from the first day it's launched. Use case and product is the main thing and this is what hive has.

Well said. We will definitely onboard masses really soon.

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Hive is the cockroach of crypto hahahahah.

Good one!

People will laugh at you for being different and going against the grain. But when it comes to blockchain and crypto with real use cases, like Hive, those that take the plunge and become comfortable will be those that are better positioned to thrive in the future.

We are approaching the door of too late.

Yes. We are approaching the door. I agree with that assessment completely.

I have just read a biography of Elon Musk. It seems that he genuinely wants to change the world, and isn't taking no for an answer. Agree with him or not, I think our world needs shit crazy assholes like him.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a core at hive that are shit crazy assholes that just want to change the world. The ones that will persevere and and carry on. That is my hope.

You can be sure of that. 👍😎

We are awakened Sovereign Individuals with Endo-Causal Freedom and we are changing the World Now.

Together on Hive!

Hive: The Cockroach of Crypto.

We've been stomped on so many times we've evolved into something quite resistant.

I don't care if people will think I am silly for thinking of changing the world. I don't care about the F!

Same with you, I am here not for the money but for the mission of freedom of speech and decentralization. Thanks for making this podcast, its sort of motivation for all of us