TFW you're into LOA but spending time with fam at Christmas...

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LOA Time Illusion.png

How about you?

Have you ever gone back to visit family or friends who aren't into law of attraction, manifestation, or deeper thinking on creating life on our terms, determined to reign in your more 'out there' ideas... only to blurt it out, garnering dropped jaws and deer-in-headlights looks from your audience?

Well, if so, feel free to share in the comments, and know that I've been there, and wish you happy holidays regardless. :)


Hi friends I came by to cheers to the new year may 2022 be all you wished for


Awww, you're the sweetest! Wishing you a massive, wonderful, joyful, overflowing Happy New Year, and may all your dreams come true! 🙏

AMEN! I have family members who think the LOA is naive (so that's what they think of me too, I guess). Happy holidays!

Glad it resonated with you, and may we all manifest more open/understanding family and friends. Happy holidays! 🙏

Happy holidays!

Thank you. Hope this is a wonderful new year for us both!


LMAO! This is exactly what happened when I lived in Florida and why I moved away. I now keep quiet and on the fam zoom call on Christmas eve I didn't linger on our pivot and people just heard "making money, growing and more clients" and didn't focus on the LOA part lol!

GREAT meme!


(grin) Probably a good approach, when you #ryze enough, they start to beg for details cuz you're famous and s**t. :) 🙏

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Thanks for the Pizza! 🙏

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They go great together, I'm grateful and honored! Wishing you a Happy New Year :) 🙏

Cheers thanks you as well...!PIZZA


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Happy Holidays, Bro! How do you like my Hive Turntable Badge?😉

Happy Holidays to you as well, and I have much respect for the Hive Turntable Badge, lol, creative :) 🙏

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