A Tahoe Weekly Article On Me? Lol, Yup

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I'm honored that the folks at The Tahoe Weekly decided to do a "The Makers" article on yours truly. I've provided many many images to them over the last 20 years, and I have had about 20 cover shots published on their print edition. I'm also very happy that Quill dog made it into the publication again!

The Tahoe Weekly is a local publication that focuses on local events, shows, and concerts, things to do, places to eat, and more. It can be found in newsstands all around the Tahoe area.

I posted a screenshot of the article below, but here is a link to the article on the Tahoe Weekly website: https://thetahoeweekly.com/2022/05/scott-thompson-capturing-tahoes-beauty-from-behind-the-lens/


Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 4.16.34 PM.jpg

Thank you for looking and I hope you area all having a great day too! Cheers!!!

Scott Thompson



Congratz! Thats pretty cool.

Thank you!

Real nice article they did on you.

Thanks! Yeah, I was pretty happy with it. Great little publication.

Nice article. Congrats. "Developing film for the celebrities" Wow how the world has changed. Taking photos on film was forgotten so quickly and completely.

Not completely... I recently visited the old camera store while in LA and they are doing more film developing than ever. Film is pretty popular again down there, I'll stick with digital for now.

Well of course... there would have to be a retro/vintage movement. And of course it would be in LA 🙂

Congrats man! That's really cool to be featured like that as the "hometown hero" :)

Thank you! Ha! yup, it made me smile.