An amazing low mana cost card that will be very useful for your battles in Splinterlands.

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Hello everyone, I will be participating again in the weekly Splinterlands challenges and for this week's social media challenge I will talk about the Queen Mycelia card which is an excellent choice for your battles, especially in the low leagues.

Queen Mycelia is a legendary card from the chaos legion edition that belongs to the earth deck, its mana cost is low and its stats such as attack and speed are not high but it has great abilities that will be very useful in battles, let's give it a go look at your overall stats.

As I mentioned before, attack and speed are low, but if you use Summoner Obsidian that increases magic attack by +1 and has the Reverse Speed ​​rule, Queen Mycelia will be an even more amazing card.

The biggest highlight of the card is its abilities and I will talk about them now.

The first ability is Protect which is an excellent ability because it grants +2 shield to all your cards and it will be a great defense because it prevents melee and ranged attacks from directly attacking your cards' health, they will only deal damage after your card doesn't own shield.

The second ability is Amplifly and it makes the abilities Magic Reflect, Return Fire and Thorns do 1 more damage, so if you have cards with that ability having Queen Mycelia in your battles will be even more useful.

The third ability is Triage which makes Queen Mycelia heal the back row card that has taken the most damage. As we all know healing is an excellent ability to have in battles because it prevents your cards from being easily defeated and this is another reason to have Queen Mycelia in battles.

The fourth and final ability is Rust which makes Queen Mycelia reduce the shield of enemy cards by 2. It is an excellent ability to make your opponent's cards more vulnerable as they will not have defenses against melee and ranged attacks.

As you can see it is an excellent card with great abilities and when it has the right rules in battles it becomes even more incredible. But remembering that each league has level restrictions so to use Queen Mycelia with all its abilities you will need to have a card from her at level 4 and in the diamond or champion league.

Another important information for a card is its price and Queen Mycelia has a higher price than other legendary cards in the chaos legion edition and this just proves that it is a very useful and sought after card. Let's take a look at its current price.

Queen Mycelia is currently priced at $10, and I consider it a low value for a card that is very useful and will give you many wins, but one of the reasons why it is at that price is because the chao legion packs are still being sold and that affects card prices a lot, especially now that the deck is under $0.001 so packs cost less than $4.

I believe that after the chaos legion sales are over all cards, especially useful cards like Queen Mycelia will go up in price and this can be something very important to keep an eye on and buy the cards you want before they go up or even make profits selling them at a higher price in the future. Let's take a look at Queen Mycelia's sales for the last 7 days.

This screenshot was taken from Peakmonster which provides daily, weekly and monthly charts of card sales in Splinterlands so it is a very useful tool.

The weekly chart above shows that Queen Mycelia is falling in price but it is a little outdated, in the last few weeks it has remained at prices close to $10 so currently a value below that would be ideal to buy it to have a short term gain or wait for the chaos legion sale to end for it to increase in price again.

Remembering that this is not an investment tip, I keep in mind that every investment has its risks so it's up to you to analyze them before doing it.

That was my entry for the social media challenge and I wish you all a good week.

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A dark and dank estate was overseen by a fearsome noble woman. She craved ever more and more, and had her slaves dig deep into the mountains that bordered her home. Seeking riches within the depths. But when no riches emerged, she became fierce and violent. Demanding harder and harder work. And the slaves dug more. And within the depths of the mountains, they unearthed a horror beyond their comprehension.

The first happening was the growth turning on the manor. Food became poisoned. Vines blocked doors and obscured windows. And spores sprouted everywhere.

Then the slaves became corrupted. Their bodies turned into hosts for parasitic fungus. Long after they died, their bodies shambled around the grounds. It was a menace that could not be controlled.

As the woman's estate fell into chaos, she couldn't bear the shame of seeking help from outsiders. Instead, she went into the mountains herself to uncover the source of this horror that had ruined her.

And there she came across her. At that time, Queen Mycelia was more a collection of fungus in a loose physical form. But when she consumed the noble woman, she altered her own appearance to look like a fearsome female in a gown.

She continued to spread her corruption across the estate. She'd never experienced such growth and such control before. Realizing she could now extend her powers even further and turn more creatures into her slaves, she traveled.

She corrupted each land she crossed, claiming the plants, claiming the people, and leaving behind a trail of fungal rot. She walked both above the earth and below, a female figure in the fog. But any that got too close realized terrors beyond their comprehension.

And finally, her journeys brought Queen Mycelia to the Realm of Silence under Praetoria. Praetoria's trees and roots stretched far down here, she could call out to so many servants. The whole continent could be hers. But why stop there? The Chaos Legion had means to reach even further. One day, the entire Splinterlands would be under her control.

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yes i know i bought it 1 month ago and pay more 11$ . is good buy now

It's an excellent card and I believe it shouldn't drop in price after changing the rewards to SPS, the DEC should go up in value and this will increase the price of chaos legion packs and also their cards.

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Completely agree my friend! Mycelia Rocks! Cheers! $PIMP

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A battle with the earth deck is only complete with Queen Mycelia


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