Happy Caturday from Curator Cat! Our New Hive Home is now AUTONOMOUS!

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Hive!

It's Saturday, once again, my favorite day of the week... it means CATURDAY! Yes, time to share those cute cat and kitten photos... and guess what?

Observing Caturday is a "COVID-19 Safe" activity!


So, it Has Been a Week!

It has now been a full week since we all declared our "independence" but it really wasn't until very recently that the feed of posts appearing on both Hive and Steem truly forked.

I have already transferred tokens over to Hive twice and powered them up! Maybe I shouldn't have done that so quickly... if there's going to be a "Hive Power Up Day" like there used to be "SPUD" on Steem... but no mind.

In general, I am avoiding the mass exodus from Steem, and will instead start powering down over there on April 1st and instead look for "quiet opportunities" to convert my Steem to Hive. There's no telling what will happen at our old home, but I am remaining open to the new management "over there" making some announcement or adding a feature that might cause the Steem token to "pump" and I will try to ride that wave out... even if it takes a few months.


Join The "Caturday" Community!

I don't see any activity there yet, but I am hoping the Caturday Community will become active here on Hive, as well.

So this is also a quick shoutout to Caturday Admin @saboin to see if there are also plans to "activate" the community here on Hive.

I know @saboin was also very active supporting @fraenk's @catnet and @cat.tips projects, and it will be interesting to see if these are also brought to life here on Hive!

I also encourage those of you who make frequent/occasional posts about your cats to start using the tag #hivecats to help organize cat content here!

For now, enjoy your Caturday, and stay healthy!


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Happy Caturday! I like the white spot on the chest of your pretty black cat.

Kitty looks like it is very pleased with Hive!

Hive-Engine just opened, so I think there's a huge possibility of CAT tokens being moved over pretty soon.

@fraenk is working on moving his projects over to Hive. I think he's quite busy with other things as well, so we'll just have to be patient in the meantime.

I've joined the ranks of the unemployed. Last Thursday was my last workday. So that probably means that I'll have more time to play around on Hive and also take care of the Caturday community more than I have in the last few weeks. I have been preoccupied with other things, which is why I'm only replying to this three days after.

Thanks again for promoting this community. I'll send you a huge CATtip when @cat.tips gets going again. Hehe!


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