Quality Time Spent at the Bar.

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Hello lovely people, I hope you all are doing great, We are in week 334 of the BEER and fun challenge, and I am delighted to drop my entry for this week in the #beersaturday challenge.

I would like to tell us about my weekend which is Saturday.

Basically what I enjoyed most was drinking my favorite beer while watching football.


The international break looks too far for me because I love to watch league matches and whenever there is no league match, my Saturday always looks dull and boring.


This Saturday is full of energy and full because the first match I watched was between Manchester City and Liverpool which commenced at exactly 1:30p.m and actually ended 1-1.


While Manchester City versus Liverpool was on, the Barcelona match started, and as a Barcelona fan I had to ask the barman to switch the television station to the Barcelona match, luckily for me, there was a lot of Barcelona fan present in the bar.


While the match was going on Barcellona's opponent Rayo Vallecano took the lead, I was drinking my beer without stress and telling people that we would surely win the game, but the match later ended 1-1 and after the match, I just went home to relax.

That was how I spent my Saturday.

This is #BeerSatuday week and I would like to invite @gabnaty2015 to write in any language about beer with at least 3 pictures.

Thanks for stopping by.

Note:All pictures used are mine.


Am just imagining how you will react if your opponent should win lolz.

Please, how many bottles did you drink?

Funny u, there is nothing to be angry about, it's just a game of chance.

I drank just two bottles.

Thanks for stopping by.


But most men do fight with their fellow men because their club didn't win. Have you seen or heard such thing before?

Sure but one must show some level of maturity

Exactly. That's maturity for you.

Why should one fight over empty space?

Those fighting did not really know what they want, thanks .

Good point.

Keep it up.

Next time, carry me along naa for a drink

You seem to be having lots of fun. That's a great way to enjoy a show.

Hello dearest fashionable dreemer. Happy Thursday 😊! Pypt is here again, and it has a lot to give. From HSBI to Nft to go. I hope you are ready with your posts because we await ya! I waltzed in from #dreemport, for I am an amazing #dreemer. An awesomely made #dreemerforlife.

You sure had a lot of fun while watching your show. That's a good one.

Thank you for sharing.


whenever there is no league match, my Saturday always looks dull and boring.

I'm not surprised at all. You guys are madly in love with football, exception of few.

You obviously had fun watching the match with your fellow fans and again, the result was favourable to both parties 😊.