My beer Saturday challenge week 334

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Hello everyone how was your day going, I'm so much happy to be in this community this is my first time to update about how I spend my weekend with my beer Saturday challenge and I would like to tell you guys about my weekend, read my story in few minutes @smarto

I was at my office working, about 30 minutes I finished doing whatever thing I'm doing, the weather is too hot I took a brake to chill myself with my special brand in beer called Heineken,

that's my favourite drink whenever I'm angry if I drink this beer I will be smiling throughout the day because it gives me Joy,

I drink alcohol doesn't mean that I'm a drunker but
Every weekend i relax, to calm
down, my self.

I went to beer parlor and sit down then I order for very cold drink and my favourite brand Heineken,.

I was not enjoying myself alone but rather with my friend, he is also in love in alcohol This is one of the products of the company called Nigerian breweries,

Heineken was made with 3 Natural ingredients like water, malted barley and hops,

Heineken alcohol was cont, 60cl the beer is 5% Alc

And I also ordered for meat so that the to both will match and will be suitable, That's the enjoyment in it.

What are you guy's seeing there is a lot of, fried meat, and fried liver.
This so much gratification to me, drinking alcohol with friends can be a fun experience. If people are nervous in social situations, drinking helps them relax and have more fun.

I really know that so many of my friends here in this community enjoyed their weekend, thank you everyone for bringing out the little time you have to read my story I really appreciate.


What a powerful way to dilute the hotness of the day and to make yourself happy.

Keep it up. But, are you sure you're not a drunker? Am suspecting you o

Hahahaha I'm not

Ok o, let me believe you. But next time, invite me over

Don't be offended, but it's not beer 😉

Hahahaha then what?

Then, you need to look for some good craft beer. Not from large industrial production 💪