Moments to remember

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Life is made up of many fragmented moments. The moment you are driving into right now and the moments you had passed in your prior days both are not exactly the same. But there could be two types of moments If you categorised from the emotion, one is the moment of happiness. Well, the moment which feels you pleasure, you hardly forget the precious moment from your life.

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Like you can imagine a wonderful time spent with your loved souls or you offered full freedom to your soul to complete all of your tiny pretty wishes and you succeed in it. How would you feel then? The day will be worth remembering for your whole lifetime, right? Another one is the moment of regret: We, as humans, expect a lot of things from life. Sometimes we demand so unreal kinds of stuff despite knowing those are out of our capability. Sometimes something is too manageable for us but we do not put too much attention to the thing. We treat the manageable task as like a tiny task.

As time goes on, we don't draw too much attention to the task and It carelessly falls on a side of our life like it has no value in our life. We assume as the task is not too harsh we can start the task from the next day and ultimately the next day doesn't exist on the planet. When the result is outs, we regret it just because the result doesn't fulfil our expectations and this kind of regret delivers much pain to us.

As I don't forget the moment of happiness, I preserve the moment of regret in my head. You might assume, that containing the moments of happiness in memory is a pretty good attempt to practice good vibes in the soul. Because on unpredictable days like mine I can feel good by recalling the moment of happiness. But keeping negative emotions for a long time in a soul by saving the moment of regret, Is it cool?

Let me tell you; the moment of regret is a stronger emotion than the good one. Well, telling the truth, I don't free my soul to forget the regrets of my past. I know some regrets are made me a bit smarter, although I might lose a great asset from my life. When I analyse the reasons for my regrets, It's true that I feel pain but I get some lessons from them as well which help me to pick the right decision in similar cases.

We make mistakes and It's a very common thing. From making mistakes we build the reasons for our regrets. As we get older, we can less them by only having the previous experiences. Just imagine you have completed your life cycle now there is nothing left for you to do. Neither good nor bad tasks you perform, your life is over. If you got a chance how would you rebuild your life? Well, after analysing the whole life I took lessons from my regrets and rebuild a life without no regrets. Because still, I have plenty of regrets and the rest of the is not done yet.


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