Securing the Hive: How We Claimed the 'hiveblockchain' Handle on Twitter

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Hey everyone!

This is my first post from the inLEO interface. I'm so used to that I've forgotten to make a post from here. I've also been a little more active in the threads here, and I'm trying to increase that activity even more. Well, today, I want to share a small story of how we managed to secure the "hiveblockchain" handle on Twitter or X.

To do this, I want to give you guys some context.

Back in March 2020, when I decided to go full-time in Hive, I created the Facebook page, which is not very active lately, but it is still kind of "the official" page. I was proactive and created it to benefit the community, not myself. I copied the username and the description from the @hiveblocks account on Twitter. The same team that manages this Twitter account also has access to the Facebook Hive account.

That was good for me then because that proactiveness led me to work with @theycallmedan and later with @threespeak. Thanks to that, I've lived the dream and worked full-time on Hive. Not everything has been perfect. Sometimes, I have dealt with a lot of drama and toxic characters who are also part of Hive. But it has been great for the most part.

Like many others, I'm currently making a bigger effort in marketing Hive. I'm part of the @hivecreators project, and I'm also the co-founder of @aliento. I recently hired a CM to help with Aliento's web2 social media, and we have also started to post more to Hive. But back to the point of this post.

How did we manage to get the "hiveblockchain" handle?

It all started two weeks ago when I was on the Telegram Group. I'm unsure who did it, but someone shared an article about Hive. This article was on a crypto news platform, and as many times, it had some wrong facts. The article was about the Top 5 games on the Hive blockchain. You can read it here.

I think the reporter used ChatGPT, or he just had his facts wrong because he mentioned that the CEO of Hive was Olivier Francois. We all know that Hive doesn't have a CEO, but I was curious to see who this Olivier guy was, and I Googled him.

First, I found a guy with that name, who is the CEO of Fiat, the car company.

Olivier François in Wikipedia

Then I dug a little deeper and found another guy with the same name, and this was the founder of... you guessed it, the Hive Blockchain, the Canadian Mining Company that tried to sue us. That's where the journalist (or ChatGPT) messed up.

Link to image

I found the Twitter account of this guy, and I saw that he had the @HIVEBlockchain handle in his description. So I clicked it. Surprisingly, I saw a message that the account did not exist.

Link to image

So, I created an account with that handle, and it was successful.

The handle was available, because this Canadian Mining Company changed their name from Hive Blockchain to Hive Digital Technologies a few months ago. They also changed the handle, leaving the @hiveblockchain account available.k

Something interesting is that if you search "Hive Blockchain" on Google, you may find this account on the first results. And on the Google Profile of the company it still has this Twitter account as you can see on the screenshot below. You may need to open the image in another tab and zoom in to see the details.

You can see the account here:

It currently points to what I consider the main account of Hive, which has more followers, which is @hiveblocks. This might confuse people investigating Hive on Twitter because they will see even more Hive accounts, but the good news is that no one can take that name from us, except for maybe Elon Musk or another X executive.

We are still thinking about the next steps for this account. We may occasionally post and reblog relevant Hive posts and news. We are following some main Hive accounts and may follow more soon. If you want to verify the ownership, send a message to the account.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations on what we can do with this account. If you like these marketing efforts, consider voting for @aliento as a Hive witness here and support @hivecreators and its future proposals.

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Thant was a great and fast move. Fast thinking. That we do need to populate, we need to have all the results on the search for Hive Blockchain, that is easier than securing "Hive" alone, being such a common name.

I think it could be used to share content for developers. The other accounts are very social, but Hive Blockchain could be more technical, for Hivers to learn and for interested developers to see more of what can be done here and how.

Good idea! That would be something interesting. I'll see what I can prepare about developers. Thank you for your comment!

Not all heroes wear capes!

Well done sir, very very very well done!

Thank you!

May this be a step forward to a better brand recognition.

I love this story on how you managed to claim the Hive blockchain handle on Twitter. This is good news for all of us. Thank you for your efforts in marketing the Hive ecosystem.

I found the Twitter account of this guy, and I saw that he had the @HIVEBlockchain handle in his description. So I clicked it. Surprisingly, I saw a message that the account did not exist. So, I created an account with that handle, and it was successful.

Lovely! 😀

this Canadian Mining Company changed their name from Hive Blockchain to Hive Digital Technologies a few months ago.

That's amazing news. Less chances that AI will be confused about what Hive blockchain is. To me, this competition and confusion of two Hive blockchains in Google search results was always a depressing spectacle. Good this bad story has ended.

Yeah, honestly, it would have been better if the community or the witnesses came up with a name that was not that common or something that didn't exist at all, like the case with many important brands like Google, Yahoo, Taringa, etc.

But now we have this name, which is awesome, and now we are very fond of.

something that didn't exist at all

Agree. For Hive, its non-unique brand is a wound that always bleeds. At least, now we exclusively have Hive Blockchain, that's a lot.

It's good that this victory has been achieved for Hive and that the platform continues to develop and make itself known, thanks to the work of people like you who are dedicated to its development and security, I think it is everyone's job to make it known and its use . correct to give it strength and thus benefit us all.

Thank you! It's a small step to better SEO and recognition, but there's still a long way to go.

That's good because they could create fake profiles and mislead people.

Yeah, that's the main point. To not leave the handle available for a scammer or someone who could use it badly.

Congratulations and thanks for the dedication and meticulous work. It is good to know these important details.

A hug 🙏

Such a trip and this is how I found out that Hive name has been used for different interests. I knew about the Canadian company, but that guy....duhhh! Let's use this X account to make some Twitter fusss. I am rarely on Twitter, most of the time when I post in Hive, I share my article there as well. I think the latest invitation I made for anybody to join Hive and develop a Healthcare dApp will be well-received. Maybe you can have a look at it and tell me what you think. It's the last article I wrote. Thank you.

Hive is actually a very common name, and even more in startups or projects related to technology. If you look for the word Hive on Twitter, you will find a lot of accounts unrelated to our Hive. The good thing is that with the years, we have moved up in the search engine searches. I think that in 3 to 5 years we will definitely dominate even more.

Yes, I have noticed a history of several years, more than 5, since Hive is mentioned in different developments on the market, from games to tribes, even banking workshops in EU. Ranking well in SEO is important for so many reasons. I think in 3-5 years, Hive will be maybe the most trusted and used blockchain, worldwide. Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot to me.

This is the first time I'm hearing of this Olivier guy having tried to sue us. Great to see that they've rebranded and that we can finally get accurate representation on X.

I'm not sure if it was him, but the company that used to be named Hive Blockchain did try to sue us back in 2020.

I see. Some intersting stuff.

Nice, lol.

This is great and finally, we got it.. nice

Hi @eddiespino. I am happy to be a part of this community and hope to make many friends here. Now I start my new life after prison. I will be grateful for your support.

Hey! I'm about to have a meeting in a few minutes, but I took a quick look at your profile. It sounds like an interesting story. I'll read your posts and check the future posts. I hope that you are great!

I'm just writing about my life, telling about my life and enjoying it, I hope you enjoy it too, best regards.

Your initiatives are actually great and interesting. I love how you all try to make the world know More about hive.

Being on this blockchain has made me known the importance and I’m definitely following every hive handle on both Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok alongside instagram.

Thank you so much.

Thank you! Btw, your username is super cool!

Thank you☺️

That's pretty awesome! I didn't know Hive Blockchain changed their name. I'm glad they saw the light.

This is fantastic. Ultimately I think your efforts will help to eliminate confusion from potential new users of Hive who are searching for information about this wonderful platform.

Great catch discovering the hiveblockchain handle was unclaimed on X after the company rebranded, and claiming it!

Yes, that's the summary of what happened. Thank you!

It was great to see. How strange the matter of the same name seems!

I’m very happy to know about this and it is a big win for Hive
I hope we keep on going global

This is really great to hear 😊

Eres asombroso Eddi. 😊😉


jjajaja gracias!

It's a good thing you saw that first post and did a research and also took immediate action, well done Eddie

It was like a coincidence, but yes, I'm happy that I put action to achieve this.

It's not just your responsibility to do so but everyone on hive and I hope we act accordingly.

Have a great day and my regards to your family especially your beautiful baby 🥰

Sir. @eddiespino
In all your doings here, you always earns praise and respects from me. You've been a role model for long time now. Glad that I got to know you.
Your commitment and hard work on Hive is incomparable.
More grace to you and your family.

That's good to read but X will be a dead platform very soon, IMO. What about creating an account on #Mastodon? The fediverse has a lot to offer for Hive users as well. 🙂

Gave you a follow on twitter, I'm glad you are spreading the word on external platforms :)

Keep it up.

Great work securing that twitter handle.
Thank you

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