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Hive is already 2 years old in the technology market since it is a Web3 blockchain, which makes this platform innovative and has a great challenge which is the adoption and marketing positioning.

The Hive ecosystem has great potential in the Web3 industry, likewise, it is a scalable technology where many successful startups can be generated, that is why it is important to have a concise brand articulation and growth strategy to drive marketing efforts.

That is why we were motivated to create a Marketing proposal for DHF, to boost or contribute to the current marketing efforts that are generated from different communication channels.

You can vote for the Proposal here: PeakD - Ecency

Who are we?

Hive Creators is a project with members of the Hive community and driven autonomously. We want to support with marketing efforts the growth of the Hive blockchain and contribute to the different brands of the Hive ecosystem to adapt and take the first steps to generate strategies that connect with their business objectives.

Previous work

We also assisted in the creation of posts for Hive's main Instagram and Facebook pages.

Note: We want to recognize the work that @samgiset has done since he has been able to create all the requested designs on a voluntary basis.


We have worked with @guiltyparties on different marketing activities for Hive and @josegrech as a designer for some brands.

So far, everything has been done with the support of @TheyCallmeDan.

Proposal for Decentralized Hive Fund

Proposal Objective:

Contribute to marketing efforts related to the Hive blockchain by generating creative and growth strategies.

Key metrics.

  • Number of social media followers.
  • Increase recruitment of people who log in to Hive.

Resources or services we can execute:

  • Social Media Plan
  • Landing Page Design
  • Marketing Elements
  • Presentations
  • Paid Media
  • Creative Execution
  • Banner and Infographics Design

Who we can work with:

With internal teams and communities doing marketing work for Hive.

Virtual collaboration:

We will have virtual channels to be able to generate strategic challenges in every activity we need to do.


Every 15 to 30 days, we should present a report with a summary of the relevant activities that have been carried out.

Draft of Marketing documents

  • Social media plan
  • Brand Manual
  • Crisis management manual

Team skills and knowledge

  • Intermediate level in the area of Grown Marketing
  • Creative in the elaboration of marketing campaigns
  • Intermediate level of Social Media strategy.



Events - Activity Graphic designs for Hive marketing for social media plan
DescriptionIn this activity we can make all the designs that are required for Hive's main social media (Twitter and Instagram) and also for the different communication channels that can be used as press releases, blogs, banners for events, among others, this includes animated graphic designs. This includes own initiatives and requests from Hive's marketing partners.
ResultsCreate attractive and impactful designs associated with the marketing plans established and created on their own initiative. Include some animated graphics or short videos.
Time / Amount250 designs
Events - Activity Graphic designs for Hive marketing for social media plan
DescriptionWe can collaborate with the Hive communities of the Hive ecosystem in the creation of graphic designs for the communication of your brand, which can be used for different media to promote different events.This excludes Hive Dapps, we can only accept requests from the community.
ResultsCreate attractive designs that generate impact, according to the requirements of each community and that adapt to HIVE's philosophy. This includes own initiatives and requests from Hive's marketing partners.
Time / Amount100 designs

Ads strategy

Events - Activity Generate strategies for paid advertising on different platforms to promote the Hive blockchain
DescriptionWe help create and manage advertising campaigns on social media such as Meta and Twitter to promote some publications associated with Hive. This excludes Hive Dapps
ResultsWe manage, create and pay for the advertisements in the different promotion platforms
Time / Amountper 6 months

Content Marketing

Events - Activity Content ideation
DescriptionWe collaborate in the creation of press releases and blogs.
ResultsWe deliver a modifiable file for review and we can publish the article in the target media.
Time / Amount50 post

Local Events

Events - Activity Meetup Caracas Venezuela
DescriptionBringing together Hivers and people interested in joining the Hive blockchain
Results120 attendees / Advertising reach of 30,000 people. Collect images to promote on social media and impact worldwide.
Time / Amount1 event
Events - Activity Meetup lecherias Venezuela
DescriptionBringing together Hivers and people interested in joining the Hive blockchain
Results40 attendees / Advertising reach of 15,000 people. Collect images to promote on social media and impact worldwide.
Time / Amount1 event
Events - Activity Meetup Valencia Venezuela
DescriptionBringing together Hivers and people interested in joining the Hive blockchain
Results25 attendees / Advertising reach of 5,000 people. Collect images to promote on social media and impact worldwide.
Time / Amount1 event
Events - Activity Meetup Cuba
DescriptionBringing together Hivers and people interested in joining the Hive blockchain
Results25 attendees / Collect images to promote on social media and impact worldwide.
Time / Amount2 event

Additional costs:

License for image or vector bank: 250$

Final budget: $17,850

Who will manage the resources?

@eddiespino @enrique89

We will be happy to contribute to this proposal together with the Hive community.

If you wish you can support this initiative.



Visit HiveCreators:

You can vote for the Proposal here: PeakD - Ecency


Justa noob here. But I feel that the love I have gotten from many of the OGs here has been great. I absolutley love the Hive and what it is and can be. I am just wondering about the advertising budget size of it. I think it should be MORE!! Heck I am sure some of our GA would lower their bids a bit for I dunno for HBD or maybe some other token. I dunno just thinking out loud. Sure would love to see Hive on this years super bowl!! ADVERTISE BIG!!! But then again, I always go for the fences I can't start small, just my nature. N E WAYS. Ya have my full support!!!
!luv !hivebits

Have A Happy Day And Don't Forget To Be Awesome!!!


Proposal understood, copied and voted! waiting for the interstellar elections 🤗💞.

I'm so up for this. You got my vote. We have to promote this proposal around. You have done an awesome work. Let's give Hive more awareness. Now's the time.

I will always vote for any project in which Eddie is included, he was the one who directed me towards Aliento in my beginnings and thanks to that I was able to meet many more communities and many people. Also, that gave me the possibility of feeling inside a digital family. Thank you, voted and liked 🤗

Excellent work dear friend @hivecreators
Needless to say they have my full support.
enjoy a beautiful afternoon

Voted :)

I'm happy to support anything which gets more good people onto Hive in a cost-effective way.

I've got a thought on the metrics;

Is there a way to measure (while still protecting and respecting privacy) the number of people this marketing effort adds to Hive who are still active a month later ? This could be a really good metric to understand the cost-effectiveness of the campaign, by giving us a figure for what it costs to add each active user.

Felicitaciones chicos! Estan haciendo un gran trabajo, estoy segura que van a obtener todo el apoyo que necesitan. De mi parte tienen mi apoyo y regaré la voz para que más usuarios se unan. 👍

I think it is a very interesting proposal and the truth is that it is very cool.

I think, you should contact @doze for Graphic designs, he has created a lot for free.

supported :)

We just did a second event and are doing a monthly series here in Switzerland called hiveminds We printed hive stickers, made @blocktrades QR codes using moonpay to pay via credit card to go on ramp and had a bar where anyone could pay with HBD. We'd also like to do our next event with merch sold for HBD. Seeing this, I am highly moved by such endeavours and support such initiatives with all that I am!

With this proposal, this initiative can be carried out in various parts of the world.

PalmPay(.io) enables customers to pay in either HIVE or HBD. QR codes are supported of course for the mobile phone carriers and there are no fees at all for the merchant.

Let me thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. My recent engagement with the hive borehole in Ghana has shown me why we need to support hive initiatives all across the world. The hive media publicity and attention our effort has garnered in Ghana so far have aided in reaching many individuals with hive. Thank you to the leaders for establishing the DHF and assisting communities in empowering themselves through the hive ecosystem.

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Supported, we strongly need marketing for Hive.

if hive will have a limited quantity-it will be perfect)

It wont have limited quantity (in the meaning of supply), it is a inflation-based distribution model.

yeah, and this is not good. it's like a dollar, which loses value every day. and 1 dollar 10 years ago- it's not 1 dollar NOW

It's a much more complex topic than "it's losing value". First, you need to reward people taking care of consensus nodes and APIs (witnesses). In bitcoin, it comes from mining (which is basically inflation with a hard cap in the bitcoin case) and fees for the transactions. Hive is a fee-less platform, so inflation is the only way to reward those people. The same applies to author/curation rewards. We also have our own algorithmic stable coin (HBD) which impacts the inflation rate and actually can make Hive deflationary in some cases (which already happened in the past). Another thing is that deflation is not as good as you may think. It makes no sense to create a deflationary payment token because there would be no sense to spend it, knowing it can only raise its value over time. More and more newly coming blockchain networks are based on inflation because it's basically better than the deflationary model.

Hello friends, very interesting ... You have my support, proposal voted. :)

Done. I know you guys will make us proud. Would request all of my Hive Friends to support this.

This is the kind of proposal I have been waiting for. I have mentioned at many places that I would support if someone or a team were to create a marketing proposal. You have my full support. This is one thing HIVE has been missing for the longest time.

Best of Luck!

Hola equipo @hivecreators están muy interesante el proyecto, y me encantaría contribuir, pero, qué pasa con los creadores en español?

Por ejemplo, yo ya cuento con un proyecto para invitar al rededor de 50 usuarios a unirse a HIVE, hasta creé un curso de cómo incorporarse para facilitar el acceso y sus primeras publicaciones, el asunto es que la mayoría de estas personas no hablan inglés.

Todo lo que generen será bilingüe? o habrá contenido específico en español?

Les deseo mucho éxito y ya les he dado mi voto.


Good price for time.

I mean I would recommend more SEO and Guest Blog strategies for landing pages ( for add buffering), but I know that can be massive work with outreach and tracking.

So I think it's a good investment.