A few glimpses from yesterday's music festival (Torrent, Spain)

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While I was travelling back from Valencia yesterday evening I felt like coming home from an exciting school excursion. Oh, there was a little difference - those who were travelling with me were not young students but people of my age and older than me. It was just the crazy spirit of those people around me who gave me the feeling of being among young people full of energy.

Our bus was sailing on the Mediterranean highway, it was already dark outside; I had a book with me to read but it was not keeping my attention as the spirit of the choir members I had a concert with was stronger. They didn't stop having ideas about which songs to sing. A singing bus it was, a bright spot moving in the darkness.

Our faces were also illuminated. Some faces were reflecting the light of the mobile phone screens and others were lit up by emotions... There were also tears, as the choir lived some very difficult and serious things in the last few months. Difficulties are here as temptations, where things sometimes get even more messed up. On the other side, those are also starting points for new steps. Better and cleaner paths maybe.

I participate (as a pianist) in the concerts of this choir many times. When they have scheduled performances I get the scores and go on the rehearsals. It is not a big national choir, like the one where @jesuslnrs sings. It is just a local, little choir, a group of people who like music and want to offer a message and musical moments to the audience. The director is a great musician, a personal friend and a big man. Well, when you see him you notice that he is not tall at all but his greatness comes from his heart and passion for music. You will have the opportunity to see him conducting in the video, at the end of this post.

On Friday we had one performance at a social gathering and a religious ceremony in our town. Even the bishop came and the words he used as well as the message he transmitted on the homily were so simple and friendly. They came like the words of a close friend you talk to. The musical background that we brought contributed to the beauty and sublime feelings everyone felt there.

The next day we had to wake up very early and get on the bus. We travelled to Torrent, a municipality in the metropolitan area of the city of Valencia. A choir and orchestra festival was held in the building we see in the first photo.


Empty seats, before the festival started

I like to joke that the piano is my office, which in these moments indeed is. Playing on an instrument like this is the best "office" work I can have. 😇 I know it is not a Fazioli {a piano brand, very popular right now} but a good laughing piano. Yamahahahahaha 😂 I would gladly have such an instrument at my home and have fun and music with it!


We were the second choir to perform at the festival. The piano seemed huge in those moments. The audience too. Maybe it was just me feeling so small on the stage but I talked to my mind. You have nothing to be afraid of. Focus on the music, on the director and the singers. That is how this work is done, being in the moment and trying to give the best, although there is always a bit of stage fright. Not too much fear this time though.

The audience loved the performance, we heard later that we lit up the auditorium with energy. It is all thanks to the conductor and his vibe, our response to his leading and enjoying what we do. Some of the performed pieces were El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, Habanera by Georges Bizet, La Cumparsita by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez, Granada by Agustín Lara, and Funiculì Funiculà by Luigi Denza.

Musicians are also humans so have to eat 😁 That is how the concert was followed by a delicious lunch and a boat ride - but it deserves a separate post! Our impressions of the day, and both concerts, were shared and confirmed in that journey home, on the bus with which I set out to share this experience with you. The little singing family, as we like to call this choir, is already having inspiration for the next rehearsals and performances! 🎶

▶️ Watch on 3Speak


▶️ 3Speak


I feel that the good vibe of this choir does you a lot of good, I love my group, but here everyone is a real adult, it sounds to me like less drama, more happiness and voices that have already finished reaching their full maturity, not like me who started in the basses, moved to baritone, I am tenor 2 and it is already mentioned that they are going to move me to tenors 1, if I continue like this I will end up as a soprano hahaha, but the voices are definitely still looking for their place as the years go by.

I'm not surprised how much fun you have with it, there is a special magic between the singers and it shows when they sing the whole trip 🤣 by the way, here we are surrounded by a lot of Yamahahahahahahaha. Por cierto, aquí estamos buscando pianista acompañante, y tu eres muy buena en eso, si te mudas a Venezuela tendrás un trabajo seguro 😁

I really like the Habanera from Carmen, it's one of my favorite moments in the opera and I've performed it a couple of times. Hey, this week there was a lot of talk about the 2024 planning. I don't want to assure anything anymore so that plans don't fall through, but Spain was mentioned 😍 We just have to work hard on our music and let life surprise us, for me it's all a dream. 🙏

Spain was mentioned in the plans for your choir??? Great, I do hope it comes true. 🙏

Por cierto, aquí estamos buscando pianista acompañante

Quiero el puesto de pianista acompañante para tu coro! I already packed my suitcase 😁


I don't bring the piano, it there is enough Yamahahahahaha grand pianos :)))

The best Yamaha's are in the concert hall, believe me Yamaha's, they are in some small rehearsal rooms. I will reserve the best one for you 😍

I would be happy with any of the Yamahas 😇

De verdad ya no puedo ilusionarme en vano, se cayó lo de Argentina y ahora lo de México 💔 Hasta que no tenga un pie en el avión no comentaré nada 🤐


Un pie o mejor ya dos en el avión, pero la esperanza no puede desvanecerse!!!


That conductor, those moves ....just awesome. Somehow when you mentioned the choir and the emotions and mobile phones I expected a much younger crowd. Maybe I skipped a part while scanning maybe it was just my vibrant imagination.

Anyway it was a wonderful performance I loved to see you in action in this setting.

Nope, not younger people - considering their real age but when they get to party hahah there is no difference from the youngsters 🍷🥳😂

Thank you for checking out this performance. We also played a song called Granada 😃 but I didn't put it in the video as it would be too long already 🎶

If you play a song called Granada.....why put this one on???? Or was the director not moving that awesome in that piece?

Hahaha, he was moving awesomely... don't even question it 😂

{Now I regret not putting Granada into this little complication}

I know, when we perform it again, I will let you know so you could come and listen to it 😃

Just keep in mind I have no car so only when Granada is performed in Granada I will join in the old people party !LOLZ

So I have to get them to look for a music festival where to participate in Granada! Good idea actually 👏🍷😂

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Yeah it was really weird I imagined a bus of teens or highschool kids for some reason....no clue why?

Maybe as I started the post in that way 😁

Yo solo puedo decir: ¡Bravo! Qué lindo. Veo en tus movimientos mucha humildad y eso me gusta mucho.

Gracias nanixxx, gracias por escuchar y decir lo que dijiste. Lo que importa es lo que se ofrece y regala a los oyentes (mira, aquí sí que se dice así :p) y que les llegue al corazón. Soy solo un instrumento, y cuando la música acaba es donde viene un poco de vergüenza de estar en el spotlight 😉

Conozco esa sensación de nudo en el estómago y de sentir el escenario enorme, pero que se desvanece en cuanto la música empieza a sonar.
Me ha encantado disfrutar de tu maestría al piano, gracias por compartirlo. ♥️🤗

Sí, el escenario se hace más grande jajaja. Tengo que crecer :D

Gracias, Paloma por escuchar los trocitos de algunas obras que tocamos. Es divertido actuar con ellos 😇

Con ese final es imposible no terminar con una sonrisa de felicidad. 😃

Oh...you played La Habanera...is it a Cuban song?? It is always a happy moment when artists come together in a bus.. congratulations

The journey back in the bus was indeed a lot of fun :)

La Habanera (la segunda el en video, la canta una chica en rojo) es una aria de la opera Carmen, del compositor Georges Bizet. 🎶

Vaya tengo que seguir aprendiendo. No sabía que en Carmen se menciona una habanera.... Sabrás de donde vino esta idea del compositor.??
yo estoy bastante familiarizado con la vida de los músicos pues conviví con una directora de coro durante varios años. y solia acompañarla en sus actividades

Esto nos dice wikipedia, parece que viene inspirada o basada en una habanera de un otro compositor, español, Sebastián Iradier.

Ah debe ser porque Habanera es como un estilo musical

I imagine the glow of that bus. It couldn't be any different. Music illuminates the soul and so many people united by the same art must radiate a lot of light.

Listening to you play live must be an immense pleasure.

Good luck to the choir. May they overcome their problems completely.

...but a good laughing piano. Yamahahahahaha 😂

Me he desternillado jajajajajajaja

Me he desternillado


Tenía que ver lo que significa esto 😂, así estoy aprendiendo español

The choir is not a big one now, but they will face difficulties, in one or another way :) The music speaks in the end and unites those who want to stay together 🤓

...Tenía que ver lo que significa esto 😂, así estoy aprendiendo español.

Jajaja el español es muy amplio.

A new word for your vocabulary :D.

English is much more practical, concrete. Spanish is complex and those of us who have Spanish as our native language use on average 0.10% of the words it has. Only more educated people or those with a professional use of the language use it more extensively. It is said that Cervantes used only 3% of the words and he was Cervantes! Jajajaja

It is said that Cervantes used only 3% of the words and he was Cervantes! Jajajaja

Now I feel better 😁

Gracias @mdrguez 😇
I am already happy to be able to communicate in the way I can, but it is good to improve every day with new words and phrases :))

Now I feel better 😁

Jajajajaja me volví a desternillar 🤣🤣🤣

Happy week.

Happy week to you too 😇

You can feel the good vibe of that choir, and the enthusiasm of its director. I think it's a very well connected choir and there's a very good atmosphere there, although I know almost nothing about music, I only dance a lot. But what I like the most is the laughter of the piano, hahaha, very witty!👍

I am glad you also see his enthusiasm! The members of the choir are mostly just people who like to sing and are not professional musicians, but the director tries to make them give their maximum! 😀 It requires a lot of energy and passion for music, from both sides! 🎶

When people with similar passions put on the same stage, it'll fill the place with energy and joy... I can imagine it.
There is an upcoming Music Fest here too.. Dunno if free though, hehe..


Fingers crossed 🤞 that you can attend that upcoming Music Festival 🎶✨

You are all amazing! It's outstanding you get over with the fears immediately (人 •͈ᴗ•͈). I love the video at the end, we had the chance to also witness all of your greatness in music, I'm actually typing this while listening to the performance. It's very lively and lit up someone's souls for sure, bravo bravo (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Thank you @ruffatotmeee for listening to the parts of our performance. 😇🎶 It was fun and that's why the audience also enjoyed it ✨

It's an honor to watch and listen to it, it's a beautiful performance with the amazing team and we I am so lucky that I get the chance to listen and watch it. ( ◜‿◝ )

The piano really is your office and the best office you can have! What greater happiness than that.

Listening to the choir was awesome! I said wowww but how cool!

Listening to you play the piano especially the first part is joy for the heart.

I want to see that post with the boat ride and the delicious food.

I can imagine everyone's excitement! Thanks @mipiano ❤️

The post with the food and boat ride will come, of course 😇

Thank you for listening to this tiny choir 😇 it's always fun to have concerts with them 🎶🎶

It's been great, I'm so happy for the soul! Have a lovely start of the week!😀

sounds like a busy but fulfilling trip, love the reflection in the piano

Drums in the reflection 🥁 - they were used after our performance ;)

The weekend was so busy indeed 😎

busy but when you are involved in something you love, it isn't tiring ?

True, then it is not tiring at all 📸


Didn`t know a few things about you. You're a piano musician and you live in Spain! Lovely!!! By the way, your pics I absolute loved it! Great posting, love!

Thank you @chris-chris92.

Yes, I live in Spain, with my piano 🎹 ;)

Nice definition, so accurate and catchy. You should post something with that tittle on it... Ĥaha, awesome.

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These kinds of music events are very special for music lovers and people like to see a live performance like this are also very happy because the artist who happens to be works very hard.

For sure, it's hard work behind any performance, and the same for the music!

Yeah of course.

No puede parar de reír con el chiste de YAMAJAJAJA... Nunca se me habría ocurrido. Gracias por compartir estas cosas hermosas que te suceden. Es como agua fresca. Mi admiración para ti. Un abrazo.

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