Music Project between Germany and Spain!

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There are stories that ordinary people - like me - are not able to tell with words.

Other stories can be told, but you have to find those first words to start to bring out the experience wrapped into emotions. Sometimes they are just too strong and one has to let them rest.

This story that I am starting to tell you is one of those that provoked a lot of feelings in our family, but not just that. There is a slight fear that it is just a dream and upon waking up it goes away. It would easily vanish and what we would be left with then?

Just let me check whether I am dreaming now or I am communicating with you from reality.


{I have pinched myself to make sure I'm not dreaming}

I am awake.

My son is here too. He doesn't cease talking about the experience he intensively lived, and I as a parent too. I watched his excitement every single day during the whole week while he participated in a dreamy project that was brought to our reality from Germany.

The dream: bringing together students from 20 different music schools in Germany and making an orchestra that has intensive rehearsals (during one week) and concerts.

The reality: bringing together students from 20 different music schools in Germany and making an orchestra that has intensive rehearsals (during one week) and concerts + coming to Spain this autumn, and selecting a few students from Spain to mix cultures and languages, and make friendships.

That is how around 90 young musicians eagerly studied the repertory and cooperated with the director Alexander Ramm and other students. The rehearsals started on Sunday morning, October 22. Three hours of practising, a break for lunch and the afternoon was reserved for another 3-hour-long rehearsal. Monday - the same schedule. And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday too.

The director was teaching and explaining in German, so you guess that the few students who joined from Spain had fun while trying to understand him. However, to make it easier, every Spanish student had a German colleague who was assigned to translate him/her into English what the director was saying.

The way of working was pretty strict and demanding, but between the rehearsals, they had snacks, did yoga, and tried to learn the language. Also, everything else that teenage people like to spend time on - Instagram 😂

The days passed quickly and the concert days arrived. The first concert was held on Friday, October 27 in Teulada Auditorium. It is a modern building, which stands out with its shape. It was evening and I took a photo only of the entrance:


Luckily, there was a booklet showing the building, so here it comes. It definitely can be better appreciated by looking at the pictures from the booklet. We can also read from here that it received some architectural awards in 2012 and 2013.



We arrived earlier, not to be late and to find a good place to see our son well. Of course, more people arrived at the concert but it was not a full house. My son said that their German colleagues found it strange. I am sure that the tradition of going to classical concerts in their country is much more nourished than in Spain.


The young musicians were still behind the curtains. There was a drama thing too, one oboe player got sick before the concert, and even an ambulance had to come attend to her. Those were emotional moments, the friends cried and were worried, and the director of the orchestra was very worried too. She was fine and came back from the hospital but of course, she didn't perform at the concert. She had to rest.


The program that this symphonic orchestra performed was serious. A high level of difficulty but that's why this whole project was so great - hardworking and talented students that made it possible to bring such a repertory to the stage. Let me write it down for you, as it was on the other side of this flyer.

Marc-Antoine Charpentier:
Te Deum - Prelude

Franz Schubert:
Rosamunde Overture

Edvard Grieg:
Three Orchestral Pieces Op.56 "Sigurd Jorsalfar

Jean Sibelius:

Arturo Márquez:
Danzón No. 2

A Tribute to Henry Manchini - Calvin Custer arrangement


The second concert was held the next day, on Saturday, in Palau Altea. It is the theatre and concert hall of this town, and so many people came to the concert. I was excited to see almost a full house concert, and the young musicians were even more motivated to play well. Both concerts went very well, and I was so happy for their success.


I already knew what to expect the second day, but it made me focus even more and fully enjoy every passage and composition. I made some recordings and maybe I will share one of the compositions on Hive (when I compress the video).


But this story is just half done here... I was just the observer of this project through the experience that my son lived. But I could feel his joy and willingness to... (and here comes another part that I am a bit afraid to say it aloud as could be just a dream)... willingness to join this orchestra next time too.

The next project held by this orchestra will be in February 2024 - but in Germany! 🤓

Is it just a dream? (maybe I should pinch myself again 😁)



I understand that this slight fear may exist, but I know that there are dreams that, because they are dreamed so magically, are destined to be fulfilled. This is the case. Mipianito is going to be able to go to Germany and be part of that orchestra.

So all of you must share this happiness as if it were already a fact, without the slightest doubt. And so it will be.


Thank you, nanixxx for the encouragement. 🙏
There are already steps that are taken, but one step closer to the reality will be when the plane tickets are bought (this weekend 🤞).

update: the tickets for the flight have been bought today! 😃

Ah, I wanted to tell you not to abuse pinching because you're pale and you get bruises... lol

✨😉 It's already a fact! Great. What a joy!

Tu hijo es muy talentoso. Merece eso y más. Estoy segura que será muy exitoso en su carrera y esto es un gran paso.

Disfruten la alegría.

Gracias :))) 🎻

What a wonderful opportunity for your son. It is a reality and if it was a dream it has materialized. No doubt he will do very well in Germany. If he was chosen for such a project he must be a talented and dedicated young man. Congratulations to him and to the whole family. All the best!

He is in the last year of his conservatory, and there is a lot of other stuff to study (en bachillerato más en el conservatorio) and prepare for the final exams, but this is an opportunity he doesn't want to miss out. They learned a lot during this week (oh, already last week), it was like a hyper-intensive course 😁. Need to think already about warm clothes hahaha, that part of Germany (north) in February can be cold.

Thank you so much for reading and your wishes, @mdrguez 🙏

What a cool project! I love how the organizers think and want to bring young musicians together, create an orchestra without borders. It's a fantastic way of trying to create bonds and bring music to the masses (well, to the few that are interested).

Huge congrats to your son and to you too as I know what it makes. I'm sure this is just the beginning, the door to greater things.

Orchestra without borders - seems like a better name they could give to the project, as it is true. My son doesn't speak German but seems they understood each other haha, ok, the youngsters speak English so it was not a huge problem. And he was coming home from the rehearsals with a smile and repeating the words he learned hahaha. But on the musical side what they picked up is even more important!

Thank you, @erikah, I needed time to assimilate all this excitement and yes, maybe now some other decisions and attitudes will be modified (to better, hopefully 😉 )

Such a cool experience. It's always cool to share among piers from other countries in an activity like. The universality of Classical Music surely plays well into the idea of having people from different places with the goal of performing.

Yes, you are very right about the universality of classical music and its power to get people, and even so many young people together. I forgot to mention in my post, that the students also hugged so much each other and cried at the end of the Saturday concert as it was the last one. Until they see again next time, in a few months :)

Good thing there's been vaccines and that stuff. 😂

Glad those guys can share those experiences

We got a shot of a great dose of music 😉

I have 0 doubts about it! 😉

The videos I made are too big 😑 but when I reduce the size of at least one, it will come to Hive, so the music shot will be shared :D


Some much needed dose of good music!


That's great! Congratulations to your son for this excellent opportunity to learn and performance, and hope next time you could go to Germany and participate too. The dreams sometimes become true !! 👏👏🙌🙌

Thank you, señor Puma!! I am happy for him and I am also a proud mom 😊

We are working on it so he could go to Germany in February :)) This dream should come true 📸

update here too: my son has the plane tickets!! 😇

It 'll I'm sure!!

🤞 fingers crossed :))

amazing congratulations kudos and every other platitude there is. The kids must love it.

They truly loved it, and that is how we were infected by that hyped mood from our son too! 😍

share the love I say

It's wonderful to read about the dreamy and heartwarming experience your son and your family had with the music project that brought together students from Germany and Spain to form an orchestra. It's a testament to the power of music and the connections it can forge between people from different cultures and backgrounds.

It's a testament to the power of music and the connections

Completely agree! 😉

Fantastic! No, it's not a dream or maybe it is, but one that will come true and you will enjoy it a lot, it will be super exciting! What a joy I felt when I read this news, it's genius!

I love the place, the pictures, what a beautiful place!

Hugs @mipiano!❤️

Well, we will see if the second part of the dream becomes reality. He will need some warmer clothes for February in Germany :D

My friend from here, from Spain, lived in Germany for 10 years and she tells me that it is very, very cold! Take plenty of clothes because the dream is coming true!



Like this!!! Well wrapped up!!!


oh, so cute is the kitten 😌

They give lots of love! I adore them!😍

Si que es un bonito proyecto, es es algo que se debería dar entre todos los países, la orquesta se de extremadamente elegante. Digno de admirar.

Sebdebería hacer más a menudo, sí, porque la música tiene un lenguaje universal. No tiene fronteras :))

I can tell that this experience was very meaningful to you and your son, and I'm so glad that you were able to be a part of it.

The idea of bringing together students from different countries and cultures to create a single orchestra is truly inspiring. It's amazing to see how music can transcend language and borders, and unite people from all walks of life.

Oh, it was indeed! He loved the whole project and the energy they shared.

This is just like a coincidence
I'm in an orchestra right now
Orchestra is always interesting and it will be more interesting since you people have mixed up different people from different places

You are in an orchestra? Cool! What do you play? :)

I am sometimes bothered about how I see music done by the international country, because it really motivated me to do music. This is a nice one and I believe good thing will come out of this project

We hope so! So far it brought just great improvements in his motivation! Thank you :)

Yeah, you are welcome. I hope it will because music can never disappoint it will surely bring out the best in us

Wise words 🎶 :))

Thanks ma'am. I hope one day, I will be able to do music just like you.

Wow that was amazing i love the orquestra

It seems pitching is not working for you, how about you use a stick to hit yourself? Lol😄😄
My dear, that's not a dream.

Maybe a good tactic, but I don't use sticks to hit people. Neither myself hahaha

It's fine

I would like to thank my fingers.
I can always count on them

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People who fall in love with music and then spend their whole lives learning and performing it, it's so much better that things inside the person start to think in a good way. And if you sing a good song, people are very happy.

Music brings happiness, I could agree :)

I hope you can share it, it sounds like an awesome project! Do you have your music somewhere on hive?

I will have to compress the video and it will come ;))))

Hmm, I don't compose music, so no, I don't have my own music. But I do play compositions of others on the piano 🎹 😉

How lovely,

I am sure he had an amazing time. I love that diversity is encouraged. It is a pity that the girl could not perform, but I'm sure they did well, I guess she performed in the second concert.

I trust you had so much fun yourself, we will be expecting a video, let’s enjoy it on hive

Thank you. Yes, the video will probably come, just have to find some time to make it smaller - adequate size to upload it ;)

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