A Tribute to Henry Mancini - concert performance and some proud parents in the audience!

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While Sunday early afternoon is usually designed for having a nap and respecting the quiet hours in the buildings (nobody wants angry neighbours 😁) I do hear the sound of the violin coming from my son's room. It is not too disturbing as he sometimes plays with a metal practice mute.

It is a little device that is attached to the bridge of the violin to dampen the sound. He bought it recently as the hours spent in school and in the conservatory don't give many options when to practice. Evenings or weekends. And believe me, the sound of the violin can be much more annoying than the piano sound.

Our neighbours sometimes mention how they like music (maybe it is just a way to say that we are too loud with your musical instruments 😅). Because of that, I wanted to invite our first neighbour to come to the concert my son had with the German orchestra (complete story brought in this post). Unfortunately, she was abroad those days but maybe she would come on some next occasion. Until then the violin compositions are heard through the wall.


This Sunday's early afternoon practice reminded me of the video I made at that concert in October and I promised to bring it to Hive. It was too big so I had to convert it to a bit smaller one; it finally happened today. In the end the original recording comes as the magic of making it a bit smaller didn't bring good results.

The composition I have recorded is the last one from this program. A medley of soundtracks by the great master, Henry Mancini in arrangement of Calvin Custer. My son loved this one and talked about the rehearsals with excitement, but he didn't want to give spoilers. He didn't say they made a little choreography too while playing. Some body movements following the music and snapping fingers in some parts of the composition made it more interesting for them. For the audience too, when we saw it at the concert!

IMG_20231027_194440 (1).jpg

It was the only composition that was not strictly from the genre of classical music. The medley contains parts from songs and soundtracks such as Baby Elephant Walk, Charade, The Pink Panther, Days of Wine and Roses, and finally, Peter Gunn. This video was taken in the first concert they had, in Teulada. The next day they played it even better (there was a slight insecurity in the sound quality of the rhythm section in one short part of this performance) but that is the charm and risk of playing live. The next day they were already more relaxed and not that concerned about the health condition of one of the members of the orchestra. I mentioned in my post that she was taken to the hospital.

Still, this is a very enjoyable 7 and a half minutes of music (just preparing you for the length of the composition). I listened to it probably a hundred times and will do it once again, right now. Yes, I am a proud mom. 😉

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Did you recognize the soundtracks from this piece - in case you didn't read the part where I named them? Which one is your favourite soundtrack from this medley?


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And you have a reason to be a proud mom 😍

We had a neighbor who played violin when I was a child and I hated it so much 😂 He was playing days and nights and you could hear him in the whole building 😂 I mean he played very nice, but it's tiring when you listen to it for so long. Apparently, he didn't have that device to dampen the sound...

Hahaha, I so know what you are talking about hahaha, about having a neighbour that plays the violin. However, here happens the opposite, we are the ones who make this noise 😂

(in high school I had for neighbours a mother violinist and a son violinist too. The father played the clarinet. And they all played in a theatre orchestra, so practising was an everyday activity)

A long time ago I made a writing initiative on this topic in this community, called: From the neighbours' point of view, talking about the experiences we had, as musicians with neighbours or vice versa. If someone who is not a musician but has a musician neighbour. It was fun 😇

And you have a good reason to be!

Merry Christmas GIF by Storyful

Hahaha, the gif is more than funny, but perfectly represents the listeners 😁😍

Just saw myself in the crowd :D

I just saw you too hahaha and also in the comment section of this post so my jaw dropped from the pleasant surprise 🥳

I'm one of those cats that lurks behind a tree waiting for the right moment to attack, now you can pick up your jaw back :D


Hiding cat attack - survived.

Jaw - slowly getting back to the normal position.


That cat is to fast for me :D

La música siempre forma parte de los espectáculos más bellos. Comprobado está

Sí, en la mayoría de las veces sí que forma parte de eventos o espectáculos 🎶😉

No sé qué nos haríamos sin música. Disfrutarla en un teatro es una magna actividad cultural.

Your words show how proud you are of your son.
The music is beautiful. Congratulations.

Thank you, I hope the music of Henry Mancini can serve as inspiration 📝

Dios mío, dios mío qué talento!!! 😜
The Pink Panther and Days of Wine and Roses. 😍🕵️‍♀️

Mancini wrote some nice soundtracks, right? 🎶 😊

Anja 🤭

How cool! You know I love the violin! What a wonder, I listened to it twice, choosing is very complicated.

Let's see my favourites... 2 and 4, I love the slower ones, although others bring back memories.

What a beauty please!

Thanks @mipiano!!! I love it!😍

Yes, difficult to choose when all are nice tunes 😇 🎶

Yes it is.... and best of all is the excitement that your child is there. A great mother!😀

Awww! Listening to the music is so pleasant. You have every reason to be a proud mom. Congratulations!

What would be the world without music? hehe 😁

Thanks @iskawrites

Me encanta asistir a los conciertos en los teatros... gracias por compartir esta experiencia... éxitos para tú hijo!...

Es el mejor lugar para escuchar la música - en un auditorio o teatro, en vivo. Gracias a ti por estar 😇

I couldn't watch the video because my internet is so bad, but I was able to listen to it...awesome!! I understand why you are a proud mom ;)

Oh, sorry to hear that the internet connection is bad...
But you say you could listen to the music, that is actually the important part of it hehe so that is already perfect 😇

Thank you @mdrguez 😌

Many, many congratulations! That must be a great feeling. I talked to @ph1102 about this recently. It must be one of the proudest moments in a parent's life.

Thanks a lot, @incublus. Oh yes, I remember you had your show and ph sent there some photos from the audience where we were at that time ;))


Yeah, he did a sneak peek for us XD

Well done! I am thrilled! Be proud for another hundred years!

Hopefully, if I live that long 😁

Thank you @vragolana 😇

guess you are one proud mummy, congrats all round.

One of them, yes 😉

Talent runs in the family. Let me know when your son turns 16 and I shall buy him an electric guitar and some rock albums {wide grin}. To be serious I love violin and I am not surprised that you are proud ... congrats to you and your son.

Too late. He turned 17 and already has a guitar :p {oh, but not an electric one}

Thank you @themagus, hope you are still enjoying the European landscape 😌

Back from lightning tour of Italy.... must admit it was a bit rough from the perspective of trying to pack too much into too few days..... but at least I am sort of at peace with what starts tomorrow.... serious packing

Oh, so that serious packing is today - I guess 😅

Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and well 👋

Darn ..... you too young for a 17 yr old {thinks}...'is that politically or socially inappropriate?' ....{meanders off to meditate on the matter}

Age is relative, you know :D

Spectacular, and yes feel very proud parents, there is a lot of talent your family. Congratulations! 👏👏👏👏

I think that we all are proud parents, every day, but there are also those days when we celebrate their achievements in a special way 😉 Thank you eddyss, greetings to you and your family 🤓

A mother does everything for her children and there is no one like a mother in this world and the way we see these people sitting and giving life performances is so much more. There is happiness and one enjoys music more in this way.

Dear friend, thank you for sharing this amazing post, I had a lot of fun with the video and it makes me feel at home. I would love it if you would do something about soundtracks here again, it's been a couple of years since it hasn't been done.

I need that neighbour of yours to go to an upcoming concert and make it clear to her what music means to us hahahaha, because there's nothing weird about playing at home on a Sunday afternoon in our lives, in fact we've even done it on Sunday nights 😅 I loved your post, it's beautiful and it makes me happy for you guys.

La Pantera Rosa 💟

Did I miss this comment of yours? Seems that yes 😳

I would love it if you would do something about soundtracks here again, it's been a couple of years since it hasn't been done.

Me doing something about soundtracks or do you wish you could perform with your choir soundtracks? No lo entendí 😅

Aquí hubo un concierto de Star Ward hace unos años, me encantaría que volvieran a tocar musica de cine acá, pero no hay nada programado. Eso es lo que te quería decir. Quiero ver a la orquesta Simón Bolívar tocando la Pantera Rosa 💕

Fingers crossed then that it can happen 😇

Felicidades. Eres una buena mamá. Eso significa que has educado muy bien a tu hijo. Luego él cultivó la música con dedicación. La música que se escucha es fabulosa. Perdona mi desconocimiento, no puedo decir los nombres de todas las bandas sonoras pero me gustan, ah La Pantera Rosa sí la encontré. Gracias por compartir, he escuchado atentamente nunca he visto una banda de conciertos en vivo. Felicidades una vez más.

Felicidades. Eres una buena mamá. Eso significa que has educado muy bien a tu hijo. Luego él cultivó la música con dedicación. La música que se escucha es fabulosa. Perdona mi desconocimiento, no puedo decir los nombres de todas las bandas sonoras pero me gustan, ah La Pantera Rosa sí la encontré. Gracias por compartir, he escuchado atentamente nunca he visto una banda de conciertos en vivo. Felicidades una vez más.

Gracias, @yanerkidiaz. La música está en la familia, también he sido la profesora de piano a mis dos sobrinas antes de que me he mudado. Una terminó la carrera de musicología y la otra está en el segundo año del conservatorio superior, de piano. 🎶 Mi hijo ya esuchó como toco el piano antes de que ha nacido, pero él queria tocar el violín. 😇

Está en la segunda fila, de los violines, se le ve solo la cebeza en el vídeo ;)

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