Hive Ledger Wallet updated to follow successful Hard Fork 26

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Hive Ledger Wallet, the official wallet for those who use Ledger hardware wallets has just been updated with recent changes that follow HF26. From now on you can delegate Resource Credits.

Deployed version introduces multiple fixes and new features that I will describe in other articles. This is just a notice for those who would like to delegate Resource Credits from their cold storage wallets.

Hive Ledger Wallet is a new app that supports Hive on Ledger hardware wallets.

Never heard about it? Check my previous posts:

Stay safe, and enjoy using Ledger wallet with your Hive account!

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This is pretty cool! Any plans to develop for Trezor as well?

We will see but as far as I know, they do not support third-party applications and require us to pay them to develop the app. It's possible of course and I will deep dive into the topic when I finish with Ledger.

2 of the best news for every Hiver, 1 Now, Ledger nano can smoothly store all Hive based tokens and 2 RC delegation is finally a thing. Looking forward to use these exciting features.


This wallet seems very promising. I'll see how it works out. Thanks.

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Hive evolved seem to be intact.

Hive Ledger Wallet....nice!👍

"You must sign the transaction with your device if you want to change other keys. I will soon add such an option to the wallet and the CLI." - You wrote my comment last month. Are you planning to add this option? I'm worried about security. After all, you may need to change the active key

I have a working version of the CLI that allows you to sign any transaction from JSON file and will push it soon. It is the ultimate solution to sign every transaction. But I don't want to spend more time on the CLI as the UI wallet ( is going to get the feature probably faster ;)

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Nice update, @engrave