What's up, Hive? Hanging out with the Davis Bros at container city in ...

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What's up, Hive? Hanging out with the Davis Bros at container city in Burnet, TX. This likely our last meet-up until my accountant bro Zach moves to NC. Let the good times roll. Hope y'all doing well.

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have fun!

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This reminds me of the back area of Ferris Wheelers in Dallas a bit. Hope you're doing well man!

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I have not had the pleasure of checking out the Dallas scene yet but going to add that to our list. I am doing phenomenally. Woke up before dawn and grabbed some tamales from HEB. The hangover has finally abated and we are looking to do some hiking today. Weather isn't being very agreeable right now so gotta make sure we watch our step.

So here in NewMex,
I flexed the idea to my Sis of starting a container flea market where our Wares would be as A HIVE Bank... Like a physical ATM to bridge the crypto/cash gap. She loved the idea but eventually went with a conventional Tea shop on conventional POS models but got a company to put an ATM in her shop... Long story short its because i could not Sell her on HIVE... And i wont go into detail about that.

You already know the plight.



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