@hivewatchers recieves $3,000 HBD in funding / month from the #HIVE De ...

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@hivewatchers recieves $3,000 HBD in funding / month from the #HIVE Development Fund

Yet @guiltyparties asks to discuss controversies related to HW privately on Discord

  • For $3k USD a month, they should be fully transparent via on-chain communication.

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I hope that you can get this sorted. I don't use @d.buzz but everybody has a place on #hive. I have dealt with @guiltyparties before and he has been good to get things done so I hope that we can stop seeing issues like this going forward.

Everybody building here should be welcomed and issues should get sorted quickly and transparently.

Yeah, @guiltyparties is reasonable and easy to talk to, but some of the people he surrounds himself are not.

imo he's a bully

I didn't expect to read that from you. 🤔

😖 GP is an okay guy, and I have no idea what took place, but I don't diagree it would be better to have these conversations in public and not everyone should be expected to have... DISCORD. lol

Yeah, GP has always been okay to talk to, but I don't understand his staff picks.

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I like dbuzz and I hope you get it sorted out.

Thank you @whatsup, and I think our contributions will eventually amount to more than our Dapp.

  1. We are strong advocates of #FreeSpeech
  2. We believe in creating trustless systems that can be verified as requiring 0 trust #NotYourKeysNotYourCrypto
  3. & we want to create value

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We have contributed toward building the #HIVE ecosystem w/our fully equiped dev team and have built our Dapp from the ground up

  • All of it with plans to open source

In return @spaminator, an account by @guiltyparties, downvoted 25 of my recent comments w/out explanation

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Explain to me @guiltyparties, not privately but on chain.

  • What is the reasoning behind using an account pitched for moderation to downvote 25 of my comments

No more private discussions where you say one thing in private and @hivewatchers says another in public.

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They like to SCAM users and Phish accounts thru Discord... or so it seems.
I'm not a fan of GP or his HW Harassment.
The community ought to see more.

They should add Bee Chat to hive.blog, ecency (Peakd already did) and start using it, but they don't wanna hear about it. They prefer place where scammers are operating

I just got done replying to all my @dbuzz notifs.

  1. I'll meditate some.
  2. Take a shower.
  3. Mediate again.

And then video call you, if you are up 👍

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Make sure that you don't suddenly fall asleep anywhere during those steps you mentioned. 🤨

If there were only one entity which would down vote and not mob like in a stoning.

This shitcord thing turns me off. @guiltyparties invited me there a couples of times but I prefer on chain discussion too. My theory is that top witnesses don't want mass adoption of Hive to happen and that's why they are paying money this @logic clown.

I really hope I can find the time and motivation to deliver y'all a true decentralized model for moderation. A way that users are rewarded for picking up the trash on chain and not so power and authority rests in so few parties.

Way I see it this is the way it should be but instead we have users edging closer to the notion of removing the reward pool something I thing would have much consequence.

Nevertheless, I see what you and other users are being subjected to and can't say I agree with how things are being handled at present. If HW would not be so heavy handed and lean on a decentralized moderation force, perhaps things would be better for all involved.

They went after that @oatmealjoey guy, you know the one that comments a lot everywhere and welcomes people, because someone went to the discord and said he was creepy because he said 'I like your eyes' or something like that. Dude is totally harmless.

I've complained about their transparency in the past. Removing my votes for them until I see some sort of transparent solution.

The transparency can start by @guiltyparties explaining, on chain, why an account designated to moderate content on the blockchain was used to used to downvote my 25 most recent comments.

  • How many voiceless people are they doing the same to?

They receive $3,000 HBD a month

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GP needs to Explain why he has MY Account on his lists...
He should Explain himself HERE, On Chain...
Rather than In Person, which is what I would Prefer.

I have the same feelings that u mentioned also. All the big accounts and the oligarchs are fine now they get that much amounts as they like. If there will be a mass adoption I am sure they will feel it on they earnings. And this Hivewatchers is also a bad joke now.

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I have the same feelings that u mentioned also. All the big accounts and the oligarchs are fine now they get that much amounts as they like

That's because we still have a TAX! for low payout posts and THEY have curation trails so they can avoid TAX! Rich get rich...

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WHOA! That's harassment!!! 😮😮😮
To bullies & harassers:

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I am generally a fan of @guiltyparties. I believe he tries to be fair from the few interactions that I have seen. That being said, I can't see how they could justify blindly downvoting all of your comments and threatening to downvote the whole dapp.

D.buzz adds tremendous value to hive both in development and onboarding users. To me, d.buzz has proven to be more than reasonable in adapting their app to the wants of the community to include payout limits. They onboard lots of new users via hiveonboard. They are good peeps.

I mean...

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They probably know their reasons for downvoting, if stated publicly, would be slammed with downvotes. Imagine if HW posted their reasons every time, and I don't mean the bland, "This was plagiarized/spam" bot comments. They would actually have to display compassion and creativity in explaining individually to each person why they downvoted it. Uhnph! Setting up a good customer service department for $3k is a lot of work, and was never part of the plan.

I'd support a $3000 fund for them to start doing nothing to anyone.

Better yet, support a $2,500 HBD / month proposal for someone like @snacky, who actually has a good track record with community moderation.

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