#China trending >1Mio Tweets! It seems the war against Russia Eurasia ...

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#China trending >1Mio Tweets!

It seems the war against Russia Eurasia is cooling down, giving us time to focus on Eastasia!

We need to fight for our values and democracy!

Breaking: FIFA World Cup hit all-time High in Viewership, Diversity and Player Skill!


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Unfortunately, some people still say that the Russians will use nuclear weapons. This is a terrible and disgusting situation. I hope the war ends before something like this happens.

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We have to keep building communities beyond nations, use tools beyond web2, and encourage early adopters to keep up the fight for the real web3.

And if it's just MEMEing around, sharing stuff, or reading and commenting from time to time. #keepgoing

It'll be very hard for nations to siege their citizens if they have the ability to leave their currency system overnight.

The question is if any of the "news" is accurate, fictional or what, it's not really possible to tell.

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Absolutely true, it's hard to trust anything nowadays. Especially if CNN is hosting it. But there is no on-the-ground journalism in China, that I can tell you.

From the sound I hear near the TV of my home, I can say this news is 100% accurate:

"Breaking: FIFA World Cup hit all-time High in Viewership, Diversity and Player Skill!"

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It's an homage to the Novel 1984 by Orwell. In which the government is switching between heroic records in all disciplines and horrific war scenarios against enemies abroad. It is meant to keep the people entangled in their narrative and to direct attention. Keep emergency after emergency coming, hell we need more crisis management and less individual freedoms right now! A-I-Right? We're at war, in a crisis, at war, in a crisis... we're better than China, at war with Russia, fighting COVID, fending off the radical left or the radical right and than out of energy, get eaten by the Sunmoster before getting back to war.

#eatmyshorts untitled.gif

This is unrelated but this comment really reminded me of the "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!" !MEME

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Never tell a pun to a kleptomaniac
They're always taking things literally.

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That is a real Tweet btw.

Extraordinary Historic ??? What kind of wording is that? It's horrific if nothing else. Sounds like the writer didn't change since the Trump impeachments.

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Well, Historic can be a good thing or a horrific thing... I don't know a lot about China, but isn't it under #dictatorship? I expected protests to be inevitable, for better or the (horrifically) worse.


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Well, I truly don't think that those protests are "new". They've been going on for a long time probably up-swinging and getting crushed cyclical for years on end. Every now and then when it seems helpful for their narrative, the media picks it up to gain attention - this time very effectively.

It's truly sickening, those unarmed people will not be able to overturn their government. #nobloodyway They just get their bones crushed in front of our cameras.

It's #protestporn for the CNNs of the world to broadcast, while we should focus on solving the problems we've created for ourselves over the last couple of years. We lost a lot of freedom ourselves as well, we lost sovereignty, are entangled in a new hot and cold war with Russia. Lots of things to take on here in "the west".

Ah, that's what you meant... For this I completely agree!

The global media doesn't talk about Libya either, until it runs out of things to say about other countries. The (Cold) Civil War we have here isn't done, but nothing interesting happens so no one talks about us.


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Unless you become useful, then you better be ready to die for their headlines.

It's sad how true is this ^

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