CryptoFitChallenge2022 - Week 1 Winners!!

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Week 1 Quick Summary

Hey everyone!
We would like to congratulate you all for taking part in week 1 of cryptofitchallenge2022!
Our trainers gave you some awesome workouts, and you did an amazing job!
We have seen so many fantastic participations from everyone, so thank you for making a positive healthy space for yourselves!

Over the last week, we had 46 posts with the #cryptofitchallenge2022 tag. Out of those posts, 33 ones were valid (invalid ones are the ones without the minimum 5,000 activity count).
As highlighted in the original announcement, we are employing a points system to reward participants.

Actifit weekly winners are picked via a points system, whereby you can gather up to 23 points per week:
+1 point for every report above 5,000 activity/step count (max 7 points per week)
+1 point for every report above 10,000 activity/step count (max 7 points per week)
+1 point for every exercise per trainer up to 3 days (max 9 points per week)

Please make sure that you are using the #cryptofitchallenge2022 tag in your posts, otherwise, your posts will not be fetched by our scripts for inclusion in challenge rewards!
Also make sure you mention in the post which exercises you did, whether the one by Wil, Lena or Senad. The more exercises you do, the more points you earn!


For this week, the competition was tight. The winners for the most points earned are below participants:

Rewards will be sent soon to your wallets!

Stay tuned for the week 2 videos coming up in the coming 24 hours!

Special Mention

We would like to highlight a special video we came across while checking the challenge posts. We just loved the motivation and the whole video theme. Shoutout to @offgridlife for making this awesome piece. Check it out below!


@actifi Thank you very much for this gesture towards me. I appreciate it! God will bless you and the work of your hands.
Best regards,

Woah! Thanks a lot, hehe. Didn't knew I would snatch the first place haha

Wow. Thanks for the Special Mention. Where can we watch the Winning videos ?

Hey @offgridlife,
There are no winning videos, it's mainly a points system. I think you missed using the challenge tag on many of your fitness reports, otherwise you would have been among top 2.
We mentioned your video because we seriously loved it!!
Great work, and great seeing you this active again!

Ok . Thanks … I am terrible at following rules.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at