My Actifit Report Card: November 21 2022

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My friends and I played an eighteen-hole round down at my home course this morning. The scores were, even, +6, and +12. We all had fun and no discs were lost.

It is getting a lot easier to play this course without worry. All of us are pretty good at knowing what not to do. The key is of course not doing it, lol. (Throwing your disc in the river.)

My D3 Max almost got lost in leaves near where I lost my Wave disc a few rounds ago. I'm not sure if I want to forehand it downhill anymore after that experience. Today I threw my overstable Fireball disc on the hole and it made for an easy par. I can't reach the basket for a birdie that way but it is an easy throw to make, even in the wind.

There were lots of birds in the sky today:

The last few times I have been out on the disc golf course there have been a lot of birds flying by the river. I think they are mostly geese and ducks.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher..gww
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Golf master your area has quite beautiful and charming stay blessed dear ♥️

You are very lucky today because none of your CDs are missing, I am also very interested in your picture, a very extraordinary flying bird.

Friend @lightsplasher
what a great launch today with your Fireball disc that was overstable in the hole and resulted in an easy par, congratulations, from Venezuela we are giving you a lot of encouragement. successes in @actifit

I've never heard of the Fireball disc.. Firebird yes

The Fireball is a lot like the Firebird but with a bit less glide. I used to bag them both and would joke around with my son saying, "Should I throw balls or birds?" I don't think he appreciated that, lol.

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the scenery is very beautiful, especially since there are many birds flying in the sky that look very beautiful and cool.

The scenery near the disc golf course is really very beautiful. Moreover, there are rivers and birds that fly there. @lightsplasher 😁👍

Thank God,you didn't lost golf stick,hope you enjoy game with friend.Looking amazing area.