Great cover!

This is awesome! I’m making my kids breakfast now, but will try this out next time I get a free moment!

Cheers mate

Nghe âm thanh từ cây đàn thích quá anh. hay thật sự.

Cám ơn em. Đàn Ukulele nghe hay, có âm thanh đạc biệt

dạ, nghe rất êm tai, giống những giai điệu em hay nghe trong phim của người Tây Ban Nha.

The tune of the flute is my favorite. Weakness towards it from childhood. But the first flute you play is truly amazing. This is the first time I have seen such a flute. The tune of the flute has become much better. I hope the audience will enjoy.

The first flute is a panflute, I also love it.

What great work! Hay quá anh ơi, em chỉ chơi có uku với guitar, có thời gian sẽ học nhiều nhạc cụ hơn. 😊
Anh có cây gì trong video giống T'rưng vậy anh?

Cám ơn em. Biết chơi đàn là tốt rồi :-D
Ah, cái đó ko phải là T'rưng mà là dàn sáo của anh hihi

DIY rack for bamboo flutes

This is amazing. What a beautiful and relaxing song. Love the flute playing

Thanks for listening :-)

sublime <3 this is the best with uke, beautiful interpretation :)

This is awesome! I love music and I appreciate artists. Thank you sir @quochuy for sharing this with us. Would love to have more from you ❤️

Hello, I have never heard you sing now that I hear your interpretation very beautiful, congratulations 🙂

I'm starting my day with this great music.. off to download the audio versions. Your cover is great and soothing.
Is hope one day to learn to play an instrument.

Your progress inspires me to move on and buy a ukulele to learn how to play this beautiful song on, why not on another instrument. thanks for this motivating post I find it very informative love your spirit too you're talented.

A great success story! Awesome!

a Quốc Huy đa tài quá 😁rất ngưỡng mộ a ạ

That was lovely @quochuy, the sound of the Quena is very clear (I'd never heard that word before) and you have a soothing voice :)

Thank you, for sharing your art and putting out positivity in the world -- it is much needed! Have a safe and restorative weekend 🙏