Caring for Yourself Doesn't Have to be Complicated or Costly

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I don't pull the leaves out of the flowerbeds right away. They say that not doing so helps native bug populations, but I'd take any excuse not to participate in the yearly yard cleaning frenzy that goes on in these parts. It feels more symbolic than purposeful to me.

Sort of like modern beauty routines; an excuse to take dozens of steps nearly for the sake of doing so. This #SlowLivingSunday, I wanted to highlight some of the ways that I minimize the time and money spent on my self-care regimen, so I can find the joy in it.

Health is Beauty Wealth

I truly believe that the most valuable thing one can do to look and feel better is drink enough water. Science of course tends to back this up, as do so many influencers and dietary experts.

I also think that we should eat for our health when possible. With the rising cost of food becoming startlingly high, it can be difficult to always do this though. Due to my autoimmune issues, one of the things I focus on in my diet the most is ingesting immune boosting foods.

One way I obtain this without a steep price tag is by making fire cider. An Indigenous gem, this drink is filled with probiotics and packs a punch when viruses hang around! I recently fought off a nasty bug by taking a few shots of this a day, it is one of my favorite natural remedies!


My Fire Cider Recipe

2+ Garlic cloves, cut in 8ths

1 Inch or more of fresh ginger, roughly chopped

Several dashes of turmeric powder

Juice from 2 lemons

2 Tablespoons of horseradish

Combine Ingredients in a jar and top with apple cider vinegar, store in a cool place. Concoction becomes more potent with time!

Some folks also like to add honey (a raw honey comb is optimal) and also onions. This time I chose to leave both of those out, adding the honey into the shots I take instead.

With the nudge to make a batch of this liquid fire, it has now become a part of my daily routine once again. As for the things I cannot seem to ingest enough of to boost my health, I take supplements.


I don't take the vitamins everyday, but I do a few times a week. I find that the combination of B/D vitamins and magnesium leads to increased energy levels for me.

My daily ace is Ashwagandha though. I've been taking it for a little over a month, and I feel it has had an incredibly positive impact on my overall health.

They say that you should not take it if you have an autoimmune disease, but so far doing the opposite of what I'm told has yielded the best results for me. As old as it makes me feel, taking my daily fire cider and pills is a simple way to boost my overall happiness.

But, Self-Care Has to be Fun Too!

Of course, there are a number of things I do to take care of myself that are more exciting than a good diet and supplements! Lately I've been giving myself a few pedicures a week, as well as adding a handful of practices into my daily routine. I think every day should be a spa day!


In general, I will not spend money on specialized beauty tools. For example, tools for facial massage have become popular recently. I happen to massage my face every night, which is what the coconut oil above is for. I find that this evens my skin tone, and maybe prevents wrinkles too.

I suppose the jury is still out on the second one, as I am still in my early 30's! I certainly see the difference in my face when I slack on this practice though.

With just my hands and a 10$ jar of oil, I can achieve more than I could with a variety of products. In fact, I use coconut oil as night cream, lotion, and also utilize it to make face masks. Why buy 10 things, when one can do it all?

The few exceptions I've found to this for me are in the basket above. I'm obsessed with hydrogel anything, so I purchased these eye masks for the days I do a pedicure. I'm also over the moon about this scalp massager and hair oil combo!

To be worth the clutter and cost to me, an item has to really knock my socks off! This scalp massager did just that.

I'd been on the fence about ponying up the 6ish dollars to purchase one of these. I've learned long ago that buying into fads just encumbers my space... This is one time I'm glad I did!

It only takes 10-15 minutes to massage oil into your scalp and then brush it out, but gosh is it relaxing!

Not only that, but it works wonders on thin hair.

I have fine hair, and although I have a lot of it, it often lacks the volume I wish for. Since using this massager every few days for a couple weeks, my hair has been thriving!

Self-care doesn't have to be costly or complicated. Taking the time to do these simple activities each week helps me to stay centered, to amplify my self-love, and to find some much needed relaxation. How about you, what are your minimalist self-care favorites?

All photos are my own, taken with my cell phone camera.

Many of the items you mention are the same or similar to those I have! Keep up the positivity!

 17 days ago  

It's awesome to hear we are kindred spirits in this as well— life is so much happier when we keep it simple I think. 💚🤗

Keep up the positivity!

😎 You know it! 😄 Hope you're having a fab spring so far! 💗💃🌷


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What a lovely post!

I'm so pleased to see this recipe so I can get some of these items on one of my stops at a supermarket. I think I need some probiotics and a natural recipe suits me perfectly.
I have been doing facial lymphatic drainage massage every day, and one of the side effects is that you might feel flu-like symptoms... when it's the body detoxing and probably fighting some infection or something.

I LOVE that Mielle rosemary oil.

It's great to read about your self-care routine and practices 🙌


 17 days ago  

Shucks thanks Milly 🤗💗!!

It's beyond cool to hear that you're going to try this recipe out— I totally advise eating with it btw, it does do the name justice hahah!

facial lymphatic drainage massage

I opened up a tab to read about this before bed, this is the third time I've heard it mentioned this week, so it may be a sign 👀😂

And oh my gosh, I can't believe I went my whole life without trying a rosemary oil on my hair!! The combo with the massager is h e a v e n l y! I love that you like the same one! 😍

@tipu curate 3

 17 days ago  

Thank you for the !LUV and support my friend 🤗💕

I’ve noticed that I have not been eating well because I want to be saving up but it’s not really healthy for me so I’ve planned to start eating foods that a nourish-able

 17 days ago  

I hope you are able to find a balance that allows you to find the nourishment you need to feel good without setting your savings goals aside. It's a shame that anyone has to have such considerations.

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Water is life! The best premise there is, definitely if we do not start taking care of ourselves from the most basic and essential, it is useless to look for supplements, the body is wise and prioritizes survival.

What an interesting name for the Fire cider, I had not seen that concoction so complete before, with some of the elements yes, but not everything. I like the idea, it's full of interesting ingredients!

I've never used coconut oil as a face mask, I think I'm going to copy you that step in the night routine, I always read a lot of good things about this oil, but so far I only use it sometimes for cooking xD.

 16 days ago  

Water is life!

I adore what you said there, 110%! Without proper hydration, we have nothing. I'm highly protective of bodies of water/ ground water for this reason haha! Water is sacred to me 💙

It's cool that you've seen something similar to fire cider before- ACV remedies are the bomb!

And haha- you can totally use the same oil that you cook with on your face! I usually just buy one big jar for both, but they were out of that one last time I shopped. This one is marketed for beauty, but the only ingredient is virgin coconut oil 😂

If you mix used coffee grounds with equal parts coco oil over low heat, then let it cool and scrub your face with it... 🙌😍 it's magic. My fav two ingredient mask by far!

Thanks for the great comment 😄

Too sad very few remember about their own person during routines, especially during the weekdays. If we would spend at least a few minutes daily just for our own person, our lives would be visibly improved.

 16 days ago  

You totally said it sister! We have to take some time to refill our own cup, otherwise we're exposed to the world draining us. I think a world with more self-care would be a much more lovely one!

Hugs your way 💚

Absolutely! I hope you have a lovely day darling! Hugs from Romania! :)

What a nice post!

I totally agree with you; we don't need so many specialized products or equipment to take care of ourselves and stay in optimal health. The most important thing is, perhaps (apart from money and the availability of the essentials), discipline. It always helps if genetics doesn't work against you, but who can help it? So it's best to concentrate on what we can do--reduce stress, for example; keeping toxic people behind the fence, etc...

I had never heard of fire cider before. At home, we started drinking water kefir a few weeks ago and it's been great. And since I feed it with apples, it tastes a bit like cider to me. Now I want to try this recipe of yours; I'm more and more interested in these concoctions.

 16 days ago  

Shucks, thank you my friend 🤗

Discipline, yes, you said it! I try to love myself and take time to do the things I need for my body the same way I would for my children. We don't avoid caring for them when we are tired, so why do we do it to ourselves?

Of course, it doesn't end up working quite like that, you know how that is I'm sure... haha, but at least it makes self-care more of a must than an option in my mind.

And oh my gosh THIS

keeping toxic people behind the fence

When I hit 30, my BS tolerance meter lost lots of height LOL! Guarding my energy might be one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Definitely an underrated and free beauty hack; don't give your sugar to jerks! 😼😂💗

I've been wanting to try kefir! You saying you like it is my final nudge to try it I think. If you like it, I bet I will too! Feeding it with apples is an ace idea!!

Thanks for the smiles and idea 💚

When I hit 30, my BS tolerance meter lost lots of height LOL!

😂 That's when you know you're too old for that BS 🤣

About water kefir:

Feeding it with apples is an ace idea!!

Totally. I tried feeding it raisins and it wasn't the same; I had a hard time getting it down my throat, hehe. Red apples is the best for me so far; water kefir ptractically becomes cider.

I like what you mention about health is beauty wealth. This is something that many overlook. Thanks for sharing

 16 days ago  

Thank you for that! 😄 We gotta shine from within I think 😎💚