Photography Lovers Community Curation Report - 10/14/2020

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Photography Lovers Community Curation - 10/14/2020

Hello Photography Lovers! Welcome to another curation report from the community. We are committed to curating the best photography content on the Hive BlockChain as well as fostering engagement within the community. Without you all this community would not be possible. In order to provide you with the highest quality experience, we are diligently seeking not just the best photography or photographers but the best content overall.

We will not be curating single-image posts, especially with little to no description. This community is focused on high-quality content which includes what surrounds the images you share here. If you only have one good image to post, you may consider saving it to put together with your next singles to create a more enriching post altogether. Quality over quantity will provide a more rewarding experience for the whole community in every sense.

After taking the time to curate the community we have found this week's selected posts. Take some time to visit this week's featured community members and engage in the posts. Keep up the great work for your chance to be in the next round of curation!

This Week's Curation Selections

PhotographerPost Link
@bradfordtennysonWatchman at Zion - Landscape Photography

PhotographerPost Link
@greddyforceBuying and Testing My New Phone's Camera

PhotographerPost Link
@crazy-andyAfrican Adventure

PhotographerPost Link
@acesontopNo Rainbow Today

PhotographerPost Link
@jlphotographyartTaking editorial self-portraits [ENG] [ES]

PhotographerPost Link
@boddhisattvaWednesdaywalk: Photowalk along the spring beach (10 pictures - continuation)

PhotographerPost Link
@abduhawabField Landscape and Sunset

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and honor the selections this week. To encourage Engagement we will also be curating the comments. For those actively communicating and adding meaningful input, we will be rewarding some with Engage tokens to be distributed within the Photography Lovers Community. Keep up the great content and great work!

Don't forget to Enter The Photography Lovers Community Photo Contest!! The theme for this contest is Halloween. For a chance to win some HIVE show us all of your scary pictures that showcase how great the Halloween holiday is. The creepier the better. Check the Contest Post for more details!


HF didn't have much to do with how many quality posts we recieved in the past days. Thank you all for sharing your work!
Can't wait to see what the future holds...

I agree. There are some really great posts being made in the community.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Another wonderful selection, good job curators ! and congratulations to the featured ones, these photos are amazing ❤️

Geat collection. All Photos are amazing