Humanitarian Rock Concert

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Humanitarian Rock Concert organized by Kokram i KC Halupka.

svirka (14).jpg

From the photography side of the event, well it is all in black and white, because lightning was there, pointed and changing colors 😂 There was like a second every 15-20 seconds where some kind of "daylight" color flashed and could give you a decent color photo on high ISO

svirka (19).jpg

svirka (10).jpg

Average ISO on these photos was 8000, with F-stop of 2.5. There is quite a lot of noise on most of them, but considering that majority will use mobile phones to view them, it will look pretty good.

svirka (1).jpg

svirka (6).jpg

svirka (11).jpg

svirka (9).jpg

The drummers hate is real 😄 Most of the times they are just pushed in the background, but even when they are not, notice how there is no light on them 😁

svirka (43).jpg

svirka (36).jpg

svirka (55).jpg

svirka (28).jpg

svirka (41).jpg

svirka (49) copy.jpg

svirka (51).jpg

svirka (53).jpg

svirka (65).jpg

svirka (69).jpg

svirka (73).jpg

svirka (80).jpg

For more photos you can check out the GDRIVE LINK


Black and white concert pics are so good. You realize the lighting looks nice and dramatic as you only focus on them. It also emphasized how nobody cares about the drummer hahaha

it is a small venue problem. they usually don't have enough space and light so the drummers suffer 😁

Contrary to some, I think noise can look good in some photos. I love the grain of film B&W so to me, the digital noise of a digital photo has that same character. It's event photography so you often have to go with what the environment hands you. I'm a fan of these.

i learned to accept it, because did a lot of low light with my first camera (600d). and it can have that retro feel.

Hello, @bil.prag !

What a great set you have got here! There is so much for me to learn about photography... I mean, the real ones, like you do, not the ones made with a cellphone Ahahah

By the way, the noise that you told us about, is something that I always connected with gigs photos! Kind of a natural patina... Ahahaha

The drummers hate is real 😄 Most of the times they are just pushed in the background, but even when they are not, notice how there is no light on them 😁

Besides the hate, you can say that they cannot hide their pleasure and enjoyment of hit those drum skin hard! Ahaha Just link in photograph Svirka (13), (27) and (50)


it would be hard to do this with a cellphone. the light was really low.

i think we are wired to connect that with gig photos because that was what we always seen, because of camera limitations. when i started editing my firs thought was this has an old gigs feel 😁

Never attended a rock concert by now but love the b&w effect! Seems like the best one to capture even better the whole feeling from concerts in general

in dark lit places (or even overlit places) black and white works nice. makes you not notice bad colors :)

Absolutely! 😊

Cool shots! Monochrome fits the rock theme nicely ;)

@tipu curate

probably because of a lot of old concert photos and all the limitations there were then, so we are used to it. i do need to work on intentionally taking monochrome (thinking in BW :) )

Yes, that too but I think that rock fans like black color in general ;)

Great style and Incredible Photography 😍❤ Thanks for introducing them to us.

Thanks for checking it out.

I am a big fan of black and white pictures, it just gives you this warmth that is inexplainable.

Good job @bil.prag

b&w makes you focus on different things.