Hello and soon to be goodbye!

Dear fellow Hiveans,

Hope you are doing well! Long time no see! It more than two months have passed since my last post on our blockchain. Not something I can be proud on, but hey that is life!

What happened in between? A lot and nothing I could say. Days are flying and my kids are growing. I am happy that I can spend time with them, play a lot and explore the World a bit.

I was daily active on Hive in the meantime as well as I was doing curation mainly for Curangel, so I didn’t completely lost the connection to the platform and people who are still active here. Overall sentiment is not the best with everything going on in real life and that reflects to our blockchain as well. Hive and other cryptocurrencies dropped quite a lot in value over last days. It would be nice if price would stabilize at around 1$ mark so that we would get more active users.

What else? That time of the day next week, I will already be up in the air. I don’t recall that I revealed the destination yet, so let that be the perfect timing as a comeback. I am sure I will have plenty of new material to share after my return from the travel, meaning that I will be posting more passionately on Hive in the near future.
And the destination is…

I am really looking forward to the travel, so let me share some photos from my old travels which are soon to be substituted with fresh ones! I will also do my best to publish next part of my travel story before I leave for next travel since it was not yet concluded. Two more parts are waiting for you to read and watch them, before I can close that chapter and open a new one.

Let that be all from me for today!

See you soon!










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jar1 (8).JPG




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jar1 (245).JPG

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I'm looking forward to seeing some lovely photos from Uganda.
Safe travels:)

Hi there!
I promise that I will do my best with photos!

No pressure, but it would be nice:)
I'm back home in Jamaica, and really hoping to get some great candid shots. It's tricky taking photos of people here in Jamaica though, so I'll see how best to go about it 😉

It is right to spend time with family, traveling, in the real world and not in the virtual one. Live, enjoy and don't worry about anything. The photos are incredibly breathtaking! Very atmospheric.

Well not worrying about anything is hard or even impossible. But we all should enjoy life. Thank you for positive words.

Awesome photos as always! Wish you luck on your next travel and stay safe! 😎🍺

Thanks man! I will do my best to keep safe!

It was just yesterday that I told you it would be amazing to get some update from you and look what we got here today! :D So nice to read something from you again my friend, so excited about your next travel plans! My sister was in Uganda last year (I think) and she totally loved it there, I´m sure you will enjoy this adventure to the fullest as always :) Safe trip, have fun and take tons of photos for us!

@tipu curate 4

Hey Petr!
I saw your reply. I had this post more or less ready for some time, but didn't finalize it till yesterday. But now when I see how many of our Hive family still remembers me and support me, I hope I will find time or with other words kick my lazy ass and be more active. I was really pleasently surprised with that many replies and views.
Nice to hear for your sister. It seems like destination where it is hard not to enjoy.
I can't wait to take camera into my hand again as well. Really looking forward to whole trip and to share it here as well.

Of course we remember you and miss you whenever you decide to take a break from Hive! Hopefully the breaks will be shorter though :D Just kidding man, take it easy and have fun in Uganda!

Hi Andy, Great update. Uganda sounds amazing. So glad you are spending time with your family and thanks for the support on Curangel, it is noticed and appreciated.

Yes, all is good with me. I am just lazy a bit and busy mainly beaing father.
It is all pleasure to support good work and that is our duty.
Thank you for stopping by!

Wow, Uganda? That sounds like a great trip already! And I feel you with taking a break from posting because of real-life problems but this is also a good opportunity to see who is there to stay and support you even after a break, and who's ready to go away :)

You know I like a bit exotic destinations. So Uganda should be just perfect.
I am really pleasantly surprised by the response at this post. It is really WOW! Can't believe that many will stop by and say welcome back. It feels well.

Wow, that'll be one awesome travel, I am looking forward to see the photos you take there!
Keep it up, I have been posting at times when HIVE was USD 0.09 :D


It all looks like it will be awesome so I am really looking forward to it!
I will try to be more active. I admire you guys who are posting every day. I am well aware of the starting day of HIVE. we grow so much as a community in my opinion and we are very stable in this storm from what I can see. The most important is that we are feeling good and see positivity like I recieved from all of you yesterday.

Thanks for the PIZZA! I love it!

Very well said!
There have been some dark times and there are still a lot of things I see here that I don't quite like, but people are different and the world is colorful, so it is what it is ;)
What I can do is share some good stuff and hope that everyone else do this as well.

Cheers! :)

Welcome back Andy my friend! Glad you're doing alright with your family, and most importantly, it's great to see you again on Hive. Safe travels and do keep us posted soon. Take care! 😊

I am doing just fine!
I plan to post next part from my US travel in a week time and hopefully continue with sharing some "live" Uganda updates.
Glad to see you stopped by!

How are you dear friend @crazy-andy good day
It is good to know that you are about to visit Uganda, it is an excellent destination, I have no doubt that you will surprise us with beautiful shots as you always do
Enjoy your trip very much

Ohhh yea! Already looking forward to travelling. Uganda, here we come!

Hey man, nice to see you around here again. I'm also in a somewhat similar situation, only without kids involved haha. I'm spending some time with my family and getting ready to move back to my home country (Venezuela) pretty soon, so I've been taking a break from Hive.

My brain is also thankful for not writing everyday.

We all have so much to do. Some with kids, others with moving or some other stuff. But we all have to enjoy what life offers us.
See you around!

You have a fun and safe trip, I hope to read about your adventures :) ...

It would be nice if price would stabilize at around 1$ mark so that we would get more active users.

But do we really want to encourage people who just want to farm posts, leave when the price goes down, and sell most of the rewards??? I know I've invited people here who really needed a hand up. This was when Hive was around a dollar. Sadly most of them left for sites that offer far less than Hive, even at current prices. That was because I stressed the importance of saving a portion of the rewards, and building the account both in terms of content and HP.

This post has been manually curated by the VYB curation project

Hey, thank you for nice wishes!
I respect your opinion. I know our platform can be seen as "free money" as well, which is not healthy. Still 1$ mark would be nice in my opinion. It is rewarding for users, but on the end effort always pays off.
Have a great one!

I definitely like the pumps too :) ... Honestly I didn't really take advantage of the last one - or I would have about three times the HP sitting in my account at the moment 😲

You have a great one too 🙌


Uganda! I can't wait to see the photos, I imagine you'll have tons of stuff to share. Have a blast! !BEER

Can't wait to ake the photos! And to experience it as well.
Thank you and have great rest of the week!

Those are some stunning and breath taking photos bro, man I wish I could take photos like that 😍

I feel you bro, as a parent myself I wish I had more time for my son but I guess it will always come down to which you think is much more important... work or family

Take care bro, cheers!

For me, there can't be comparison between family or work, but I know that some people rather focus on the career and that is great since we have to be different. What if we all would have blue for favorite colour and Mercedes as favourite car brand? Disaster!

Family always comes first. 😉

Enjoy your trip and we look forward to more amazing stories and photos when you share them.

That is true about the family.

I am sure it will be a fun and unforgettable adventure which I will be able to share with all of you here on Hive as well.

Family quality time is everything! Travel, food, laugh etc. Creating memories with our love ones is priceless. Thanks for sharing those photos, those are great shots have to admit, awesome!

Ohhh yes, I love food! Haha.
Now you made me hungry. I would love a great pizza!
Thank you for the compliments about my photography.

wow there is too much variety of environments that are incredible! these photos really make you want to travel the world... you did it!

I included many destinations I traveled around the World. I kind of like that structure as it shows how much variety our beautiful planet offers.

You are so amazing to be able to spend time with your family. It's really lucky they have such a great father. Uganda has beautiful nature so I can't wait for your next post.

Well, thank you for your kind words.
Uganda should be nice so I am looking forward as well.

Srecno pot.

Hvala lepa!

Welcome back! Awesome photos.

Thank you and thank you!

Uganda sounds amazing @crazy-andy! Can’t wait to see new pictures from your trip.Safe travels✈️

Can't wait to share them!
Have a good one!

Wow. These are amazing.
Can't wait to see more of your photography from Uganda

Thank you and looking forward to travelling!

Specially i love and like traveling. According to your content i want to say that your photography collections are unique.

I love travelling as well!
I am happy you find my photography collection unique.
Appreciate your time for stopping by!

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Great photo's!!! Stay safe, and enjoy the family ;-)

Nice photos. But shouldn't this post have a NSFW tag as there's a picture of a naked lady?

Hmmmm, hope I didn't disturbe anyone with it.
It is just showing culture, but I know this is different from country to country.

You didn't disturb me as well. I just tried to warn you in case you didn't notice.
And as far as I understand about this platform or similar platforms, such photo SHOULD have the NSFW tag, I'm talking about should and not must.
Thanks for your understanding.

No worries, thank you for letting me know!


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Wow all photography very nice and I really appreciate .