Seaside vs. Lakes

Dear hivean friends,

Hope you are doing well!
I am feeling good and looking forward to a nice day ahead. Today it is not a regular Monday for me, as we have a teambuilding event with employer. In about one hour we will depart from Ljubljana and go towards the seaside. We have a fish picnic organised and there should be a lot of fun. I am relatively new to the company, but I heard that last year’s trip was pretty fun (brutal). So I am ready to go and enjoy a “free” day a bit. In my lifetime routine with two small kinds, a job and everything else, there is not much free time or to say time for myself. So that is an event, which is more or less mandatory to attend by our employer and it come hand in hand with some free time needed for me.
So we are going to the coast and hop on a boat to the unknown :) Weather will be nice, sea temperature is still warm enough for a pleasant jump into it, so looks like nothing can spoil today’s day.
It has been a while since I have been to Slovenian cost, so I only found some photos from non summer times.

What about you? Enjoy seaside? Or you are more of a mountain person that rather visiting colder refreshment in a lake? Well, I have a small collection for you too! I have much more lake photos, than sea. So I am sharing some of the lakes I visited recently. Among others that are: Lake Bled, Lake Jasna, Laghi di Fusine, Lago di Predil,…

I would like to hear in the comment section below of fan of which are you?

And please excuse me if I don’t reply today :)























Anywhere where nature's beauty resides is fine by me... :)
All very beautiful scenes that you've shared here, @crazy-andy ~ thank you!

Thank you for curating, as always!

Being on the water either will do, both have beauty!

Fresh water is a human requirement, if one had to make a decision it would be rivers and lakes.

@tipu curate

Thank you for your input.
Access to water is written in constitutional right here in Slovenia.
And you made a good choice as you can drink fresh water directly from many rivers in Slovenia.

When countries water is clean it really helps, scenery around lakes are all stunning with lakes being the size of small sea compared to ours.

Lighthouses and rock pools or outcrops into the sea would be a strong draw card to explore.

Neither matter, you had a day off to enjoy.

!LUV to the family, hope you enjoyed team building day out.

Glad to hear about the employment as family needs always comes first.
Brilliant photos as usual and all of the best to you guys.


Thanks, nice to see you stopping by!

That is beautiful seaside, my favourite is the number 5 with a little tower and houses on cliff. The water looks like slightly covered with fog. If it would be more of it it would be like in fairy tale a castle on cliff.

Yes, that is really nice place in Piran. The other day, we stopped and go swimming around there with good view on this church. Beautiful...

What about you? Enjoy seaside? Or you are more of a mountain person that rather visiting colder refreshment in a lake?

I love both. By the way, I love your photographs, the seaside full of stone is just irresistible, the lakeside views are amazing too! Good day and have a nice day ahead.

Both different, yet both amazing I would say.
I am not that much of a fan of sandy beaches...

They are both special in their own ways… seasides or lakes. I love both I think…
Stunning photographs @crazy-andy 😎😊
Have fun 👋🏻🤩
Happy new week!

That is like the most common answer there, so looks like that is the way to go :)

It looks like that indeed @crazy-andy 😉😎
Have a great Wednesday

What an amazing view! You captured the stunning views and your photos are so beautiful!
The water is so clear too! The reflection is just so cool!

Thank you! Nature did its part, I was just there to make the click...

What a beauty! What gorgeous views! Clean clear water and clean air. Peace and quiet, only the sound of the surf and water.

Well, beaches and lakes as well can get pretty crowded in its peak season, but that is why we are able to go at some quiet times as well.

The lakes are all looks great. Oh my all of the pictures are Instagram able. So beautiful!!

Hive is new Instagram ;)

Stunning views! I love lakes by the mountains pictures the most, the water looks so clear.

Not just that is looks, it also is! Very beautiful and refreashing...

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Slovenia in a nuttshell 💚

Very refreashing indeed!
Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you!