Fairview Mountain Looking Down upon Turquoise Lake Louise

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How would you like to go canoeing on exquisite turquoise lake water like this? Count me in. This is my favourite picture taken at Lake Louise, during our trip there last month. Fairview Mountain looking down upon the turquoise lake, with one canoe in the middle. I believe this is one of the most photographed lakes in all of Canada. It is obvious why. At about this time, it started to rain, bringing our hike to the tea hut in jeopardy. We waited it out for fifteen minutes, then as the skies started to clear up, we were able to continue.




Camera: Huawei P40 Pro
Lens: Leica
Editing: Lightroom & Camera+


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Yes, that's the shot right there and yeah I'd go canoeing without a doubt at this place. That mountain, the water and the tree's and that erosion makes this place just pop in the pictures and I'm sure its way better in person.

Yeah, real life is always best, no doubt.

Amazing pictures, I have never seen this side of the city, you know how to use a camera so precisely.

Thanks for sharing this,I really love it.

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That turquoise color of the lake is beautiful, there is no doubt that the wonders that exist are in nature. Beautiful pictures.

I really love that turquoise colour. Thanks for visiting

Looks like you are having a lot of fun at this place. Very nice view.

I think I took too many photos!

I would love it, like memorizing, mezmorizing

Yes it was mesmerizing!

This is having a "top photographic eye"... And in black and white it becomes a poem!... Excellent photo @daveks friend!


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I don't think I would have easily spotted that canoe without you mentioning it first haha. The lake looks amazing to take one out in.. that lady/gent must be having a blast!

The walkway continues to impress me - perfect benck to soak up some of the special beauty. Great photos. Take care mate.

Thanks for your comment. It was an amazing experience to visit that lake. Looking forward to the next time!

Love that log chair and that water color is truly amazing!

You would love it!