Day 26 of Flower

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Purple Haze
White Widow
White Widow
White Widow
White Widow
White Widow
White Widow

After almost a full month of flower, these ladies are really beginning to thicken up. Each one of the plants is beginning to have their own distinct aroma as well. The Purple Haze is beginning to get a strong odor of berries, while the AK47 is starting to have a skunky odor to it. The White Widow is more of a pungent earthy smell.

So far, the grounding experiment seems to be doing well. All of the plants seem to have responded nicely, but the white widow is still the best looking plant in the tent. The leaf structure on that one is super cool looking and it is really beginning to pack on weight. I wouldn't be surprised to get a half pound or more from that plant alone. I still have about another 34 days of flower before the white widow is ready for harvest.

The purple haze is starting to pack on some good weight too. The look of the purple haze is a lot different than the others. The leaf structure is beginning to look like the crystal candy that I had recently harvested. The bud structure on that one is a lot more loose than the other two as well. There is a chance of getting some purplish hues during the later stages of flower, so that will be cool to have those colors contrasting all the green in the tent.

The strain I am most excited to try is the AK47. I have not had many sativas before. I had always seen those as day time use strains and sativas get a bad reputation for being responsible for the paranoia associate with cannabis, but from everything I have heard about the AK47 strain, it is a nice mellow high that can get your creative juices flowing without being too overwhelming. It is also supposed to be really good for social activities, which will be nice for someone that is not a fan of being in social situations.

This next month should be pretty cool as the buds all begin to fatten up. I have about two more weeks of nutrients before I flush and just feed them water. I am hoping for a really nice fade on all of the plants. I think the white widow and AK47 will have a really nice fade, but I am not sure about the purple haze. I am going to have to adjust the feeding on that one and possible decrease what it gets to prevent any discoloration of the leaves because I think that one is beginning to get too many nutrients built up in the soil. It's nice being able to recognize these little tweaks that I can do to give each strain their best chance to thrive.

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Damn dude, those ladies are looking amazing, good job! The AK47 looks good, it reminded me of some new "legal" HHCp cartirdges that have been floating around here in Bulgaria, they are called just "AK-47" 😂...

The White Widow though is killing it, it looks a lot denser than the AK, but I think they are different(indica dom/sativa) right? I also noticed that the White Widow has some orange discoloring on the tip of the leaves, do you know if its nutrient burn or it's just normal for the flowering period?

The discoloration is probably a mixture of normal and maybe some small nutrient burn. It's nothing to worry about at this point. With the final stages of flower, the leaves begin to yellow anyways, so I'm not worried about it at all.

That's cool the grounding experiment is working well for you!

It will be cool to see how it works with the next grow when it is grounded the entire time.

the white widow looks delicious. I also now smoke some WW from the dispenser. is good genetics. And I think yours is going to be super good too.

Nice man. I've never had this strain before so I am looking forward to it.

Se me hizo agua la boca <3 <3


Beautiful flowers

Thanks. They are really starting to look good.

I bet they smells good already

OMG, that's beautiful marijuana. I want to smoke it

This is looking very pretty out class, you clicked some amazing short of this white widow.

Thanks. It has turned into a beautiful plant.