My daughter's first graduation shoot

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Last night was a big night for my daughter's photography career. It was the first time that she booked a client all by herself. This past week has been a bit crazy, and I am glad that she is working so hard to be her own individual.

As she prepares for her graduation tomorrow, she has also been busy packing her room, moving to an apartment with her boyfriend and some other friends, starting a new full time job, and stil finding the time to pursue her photography career as well. She has been busy, but she is also extremely excited for her future.

When we got to the photoshoot, we had a storm rolling in, so I was a bit worried about the lighting and how it will all turn out. I gave her a quick run down on how she should handle the shoot with the weather coming in. I helped her get her camera settings all set up because she isn't too familiar with shooting in manual mode yet.

The shots I am sharing are some of the ones that I took during the shoot. It is going to be cool to do these partner shoots together and get pictures of her interacting with the clients as well. Once she becomes a famous photographer, it will be cool to have all these documentary shots of her early career. I can't wait to see what she does with her gift.

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You must be a proud father!

For sure man. She is so cool and has taught us so much over the last few years.

I do like the bokeh in the 2nd , 6th, 7th and 8th photo must be a very nice lens to play with .

Manual photography is something we learn with trial and error , and i still learn every day.
Is she using the same camera brand as you or did she pick something else ?

Thanks man. I used my Sigma 70-200 for these shots. Ya, she is using Canon like me. It makes it easy for sharing lenses with her. I could never get into Nikon and I really like the quality of the Canon lenses.

I'm an old Minolta user and these days i'm using Sony, replacing lenses is a costly thing being able to share them with your daughter saves her a big investment.

Ya, it is crazy how much quality glass is. Good thing is that it lasts a lot longer than camera bodies do.

Once she becomes a famous photographer, it will be cool to have all these documentary shots of her early career.

That's exactly what I was thinking, man. In the years to come you'll look at these photos and talk about how it all started. You'll smile and have fun. I wish her the best of luck in her career.

It will be so cool to look back at these in a few years and see all the shoots that got her to where she will be. It's pretty cool to be taking pictures with her.

Bloody hell, a true prodigy.
Such a beautiful thing to see you pass your craft down to your daughter.

Wishing her all the very best 🙏🏾

Thanks man. Hopefully one day she will begin posting them here on Hive. Good thing I took pictures alongside her so that I can still share what she is doing.

Congrats bro! My baby graduates in a couple of weeks! My oldest just moved out to New Jersey... I am just turning 41... 40's are the new 20's? LOL

Congrats. I just turned 41 this year and I really think that 40s could be the new 20s. I am in better shape now than I had been in my early years. I am also being a lot more intentional with my diet and exercise as well. My wife and I made a goal that we do not want our bodies to be too broken to enjoy life and make memories with grandkids.

Thats the same plan here. Looking at my parents and how they are just that, broken down, to the point that I am moving back home after she goes to college to help them around the property

Great work - Great talent - Great portraits!!

Thanks. I am beginning to enjoy these types of shoots again.

When the birds leave the nest he? I think this collab will make you a lot of joy and still provide moments together. Great shoots, btw.

Thank you. We have a lot of fun working together on these shoots.

Your daughter took good pictures
Kudos to her!

These photos are the ones I took at the shoot. She may decide to share hers here on hive when she gets the time to. I'm still working on getting her to post more on hive.

Beautiful pictures indeed. You are might talented. I hope she does beautifully with her new gift.

Thank you. She is excited to begin her photography journey.

The pleasure is mine. She will do beautifully she has one of the best to look up to.

Good shorts, she is looking very pretty with cute smile, umm I didn't saw her hair but she's simply cute girl.

Congratulations on your daughter! Beautiful photos and beautiful her


I was thrilled that your daughter graduated with a degree in that specialty. Congratulations. Have a happy day

Thanks. She is excited to continue learning more about photography

Absolutely amazing photography!

Thank you

wow the photos turned out really well, I liked them a lot, a great photography job.


Many many congratulations to her. This day is the most special day of life and this religion is never forgotten by a person in her life. And parents are very happy on this day because their children are making their name bright in this world.

Good for your daughter. Her photos are professional. I congratulate her on her graduation from the bottom of my heart and I hope that she will start working very soon.