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A few days ago, a friend of mine mentioned Kolkata in a conversation we had. If you don't know where Kolkata is, here you go:

Kolkata (also known as Calcutta, which was the official name until 2001) is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of West Bengal. It lies on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, 80 km (50 mi) west of the border with Bangladesh. source

Yesterday I visited a new exhibition, which managed to surprise me in a very good way. It was a photography exhibition with title that seems unusual at first glance India, Cradle of Humanity. In fact the title is not unusual at all, it's a part of a well known quote by one of the great writers humanity had.

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition ― Mark Twain.

This was a photo exhibition of Botond Nagy, titled India, Cradle of Humanity, but there were photos from both India and Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Visiting the exhibition for me was like stepping into a totally different world that of course I knew existed, but at a great distance from my world.


The beauty of the exhibition was that the photos were not about the famous tourist attractions we are used to see when it comes to India, with pompous architecture and style, but the everyday life, or it's fair to say, the hard side of life.


I consider gems these photos, even though some of the scenes may not be up to what we call 21st century standards today. Why gems? Because I'm sure with the ongoing development most of these scenes are going to disappear soon for a good reason, like this man selling meat from his window. From photographic point of view it's an excellent one, not so excellent when you think of health though.


Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

The title of the photo is Howrah Bridge, which is a balanced cantilever bridge over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India. But the bridge is barely visible in the background and we have an elderly man in the foreground, who's facial expression suggests he's deep in his thoughts. This is a photo with deep meaning.


Malliek Ghat, Kolkhata

When I saw this photo, the first thing I thought about is that most likely it's a ritual. Then I tried to run a search to see if I can find out more about it, but all I could find was the Mallick Ghat, which is a 130 year old flower market and the largest in Kolkata. Is it the same place? As the photo says Malliek Ghat, Kolkhata. Regardless, looking at the photo, the photographer has captured an interesting moment.


New Market, Kolkhata

This is a scene you only see in some parts of the world, just like the first photo. The word market has a different meaning for everyone and in India, this is the market. I'm wondering what this place is going to look like in a decade or two. Today this photo is reflecting reality. Maybe in a decade or two it's going to reflect history. Life is changing slowly.


One of the things I like to do when I'm visiting this gallery is to take photos of the corridor or the doorway, whatever you want to call it. I find it interesting, when the lights are on and there are photos on the wall. It's kind of an addiction for me already.


New Market, Kolkhata

I'm not familiar with this market, if it's open 24/7, or the vendors are just sleeping next to their products. I like how the hanging net on the left is highlighted, while the rest of the photo is covered in blue.

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, unfortunately my biggest enemy was also there and I don't know who won. Most likely I lost, but I never go down without a huge fight.


Kolkhata, India

What do you see in the photo? You may see a man with a lot of ginger. I see a man with a lot of ginger, that in my country would worth a fortune, but this man most likely is paid just enough to get by.


New Market, Kolkhata

Looking at these photos, makes me think of how many interesting photos you can take at the market. You can catch the interaction between the seller and the buyer, or just capture the supply that sometimes looks better than any artwork in a gallery. This task can be easy at one end of the world and very difficult at the other. I don't know what's the situation in India, but in my country people are extremely suspicious, afraid of authorities and taxman. Any attempt of taking photos can have serious consequences, so you need to be prepared to face the music, or run as fast as you can. These photos tell me a different story though. People might be more friendly there.


New Market, Kolkhata



New Market, Kolkhata

When I look at the old man, I'm thinking he must be full of wisdom.


Kolkhata, India

Untitled design -.jpg

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

This is exactly the scene I was talking about earlier, when I said you can capture the interaction between the buyer and the seller. These are two sellers I suppose, but look at their face. What do you think they are talking about? The man on the left is smiling, but the other seems like it is quite annoyed. Or is it just me? I love it!

@dimascastillo90, what do you think? Have you ever taken photos at the market? 😃

I'm curious to see if any of you have a favorite. Let me know in a comment.

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Most of the photos from Kolkata represent my country Bangladesh. Somehow our bazaar from where we buy our chicken, beef, and fish, looks like a new market, Kolkata. That's our traditional market and my father is used to doing groceries from such bazaar/marketplace even though we have supermarkets. Malliek Ghat, Kolkhata photo represents famous wrestling games, pervasive and traditional sports in India known as Pehlwani or Kusti. In Bengali, we call Kusti and in Hindi, it's called Pehlwani. I have been to Kolkata once and that city is so similar to Bangladeshi city, that's why we call Kolkata, West Bengal 😀

I knew there will be someone to explain what I don't understand as we have many users from that region.

It's understandable that your dad prefers these markets, after a certain age people don't change anymore.

I knew it's some kind of tradition what I see on that photo titled Malliek Ghat, now I can research those games thanks to your help :)

Priyan, many thanks for this comment as it helps me understand the photos better. Have a nice day 😀

I am glad that you were able to explore something different and get to know a totally new culture... :D Always happy to help...

Visiting the exhibition for me was like stepping into a totally different world

Most definitely. Kolkata (althoght its 150 km away from teh coast) like other big coastal cities were hubs for cuisine, trade, colonialism, education,millitary....

I think you'll also find Mumbai formerly (Bombay) very interesting.

Both have a charm I can't properly describe. I think there's something for everyone. A mix of the old and new.

You should make a trip!

For me, the whole India would be interesting as it's very different from my world.

You should make a trip!

One day I will, definitely :)

Very interesting photos capturing life. I love the two sellers in the last shot. And both pics with the old men featured. As you mentioned, photography can take us around the world and also document traditional ways of life for the future.

There were some amazing photos there for sure, made me think of how life is at that part of the world and not only. There's more to come, so stay tuned :)

Oh my dear @erikah This time it's very difficult to decide! Everything I see here seems extraordinary to me, but if I tried a little I could say that these two are my favorites... It's really pure street photography. Taking into account all aspects, details and the essence of the streets.

As the great New York photographer Bruce Gilden says:

"If you can smell the street when looking at a photo, it's street photography."

That's what I feel when I look at these masterpieces.

Thank you very much for the tag my dear friend and for continuing the #dim-erikah' photo challenge 😂🥰

Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy it 😘😘😘

!discovery 40



At least you were able to pick two favorites. I would be in trouble honestly. There were other good photos as well, but could not take a decent photo due to strong and awful reflections. It was quite frustrating to be honest.

#dim-erikah? 😲 Why not #erikah-dim? 😁 What kind of gentleman are you my friend? 🤣

Ok, jokes aside, thanks for the nice comment, I think we're going to bring something new to Hive soon. Till then, have an amazing day and see you soon 😘🤗

It can be if you want #erikah-d 😂 I know it was a joke 😅

"I think we're going to bring something new to Hive soon."

This is so exciting, I can't wait for it 🧡

Thank you dear, for bringing us these really interesting posts. Have a beautiful day, kisses for you 😘😘

Buenos días, es interesante ver a estas grandes ciudades desde otro punto se vista, ver la cotidianidad que no podemos apreciar con tanta facilidad, sobre el señor que aparece vendiendo carne desde su ventana; pienso que esas personas optan por ganarse la vida de esa forma es porque la vida en esas grandes ciudades no es nada fácil, son grandes urbes que prácticamente hay que sobrevivir y me pareció extraño no ver las famosas motos que oriundas de allá,

Good morning, it is interesting to see these big cities from another point of view, to see the everyday life that we cannot appreciate so easily, about the man who appears selling meat from his window; I think that these people choose to make a living that way because life in those big cities is not easy at all, they are big cities that you practically have to survive and it seemed strange to me not to see the famous motorcycles that come from there,

I understand what you're saying and you're right, but for safety reasons, that kind of market is going to be shut down slowly.

Así mismo es compañera, la seguridad ante todo

I am from India and felt connected to all the photos shared by OK. Every part of India is very special and unique. When India was under the British, Calcutta was also the capital of India. Malliek Ghat is a flower market that was built in 1855. You will not believe that this market also supplies flowers to international markets like Amsterdam, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand etc. Nice post sir.

I was able to learn that it is a flower market and thanks for confirming it. I bet India is a fascinating country. I didn't know they supply flowers to these countries, but it's nice to know as it helps the economy a lot.

I am glad to see you again visiting one of the new exhibitions, some of your shots are also very amazing, indeed there is nothing wrong if we go to the market to see people selling their wares and surrounded by several buyers, this is very good for us photographers to capture it.

You interesting photos. This exhibition shows tells the market story, those two market men in the last photo must be discussing how market was. The gallery corridor looks so clean.

Maybe you're right, maybe they are discussing how the market was like, who knows.

The gallery corridor looks so clean.

It's a photo gallery, why wouldn't be clean?

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I am a Bangladeshi and I have heard stories of Kolkata from many people. I want to visit Kolkata and hope to visit Kolkata in future. There are some places which are amazing and I want to visit Howrah Bridge for sure. Thank you very much for this post

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great photos @erikah I really loved it

@erikah Awesome to see photos from Kolkata. I have been there a few times and it was nostalgic to experience it again through the pictures captured by Nagy. You, as usual, have captured the essence of the exhibition through select photographs - they capture not only the essence of the exhibition but also capture the essence of an important piece of Kolkata. Kudos

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