Luxury is a state of mind

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Last week I went on a small pier at the port of Nafplio. It was a gloomy afternoon and it looked like it was going to rain. Earlier that day I had postponed my visit to the castle of the town, due to the cloudy weather but the light at the pier, just before dusk, was mostly interesting!



This is not the main pier, it is just a shelter for small fishing boats that can't find room in the port itself. Nafplio attracts a lot of yachts and luxury sailing boats and the port is reserved for them. Actually as I was taking those pictures, there was a big yachts exhibition taking place and the main pier was totally packed with the most expensive yachts in Greece.






I have found very amusing the contrast between the humble fishing boats and the ostentatious yachts that are just a few meters away!
In fact there is even a red carpet in front of the yachts but as you can see in the picture above, the fishermen have their own carpet! Maybe after all, luxury is a state of mind :)



As the dark was starting to fall, the first raindrops fell too but I figured that I had a few more minutes to take some more shots with the tripod. The previous ones were handheld but now it was time for some extra stability in order to capture the illusive light of the outgoing dusk. I turned my lens to the medieval attractions of the town and some of the yachts that I have been talking about. They look nice with all those lights reflecting on the water but I much rather prefer to look them from a distance than be in one of them.





And a last look back before I go. Actually by that time I could hardly see what I was shooting but as usual it is the time with the most soft light!

During this shooting @traisto was with me taking pictures on her own. You might find it interesting to look at her post too :)



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What a beautiful post Stefanos. So many great boat shots and the ones at night with the lights are gorgeous. It is all about perspective!

Thank you very much Sara!

Man! Those evening/night shots turned out spectacular. I love that carpet too! hahaha

Thanks a lot!
The carpet is definitely the highlight of the day :)

I almost used that shot... but had to go with the night lights! Cheers

Wow! Nice pictures ... I love the athmosphere.

Thank you very much!
I am glad you like it :)

I love the last picture. I need to know what is that light shining so bright on the top of the hill. It looks interesting!

Haha, you noticed :)
It is castle in a nearby town!

I love the night shots :)
And yeah, that carpet is definitely funny but it's up to us to create the comfort we imagine :)

Thank you very much Gabriela :)

Oh wow!!! It's Beautiful place

Thank you for stopping by!
I am glad you like it :)

Oh wow!! I really loved your shots. The first ones gave me such peace… but when I got to the ones in which the light was reflected into the water I was really amazed! Simply wonderful place and great work catching such amazing photos! :)

Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it :)

In fact there is even a red carpet in front of the yachts

Red carpet in a dock? That would have been stolen in many parts of the world. Poverty is another state, sometimes also of the mind (thieves).