If you have no subjects, just photograph water droplets


Shot with Fuji X-T4, 80mm macro lens

It is apparently the end of the rainy season here in the Philippines but it still rains a lot. I remember January to be an 'ok' month - not too warm and not too cold. I'm not sure if I'm just remembering it wrong or the coldness and amount of rain just changed in the last 5 years at least. Nowadays we still have random scary alarms on our phones, the government giving us warnings about rainfalls and possible flooding in the nearby areas. From what I remember, rains were the heaviest from June to November and that's where we usually get typhoons and flooding. Now it's mostly on December and January.


Anyway, it was a lucky time earlier that the rain suddenly stopped at 6am so we can have our early walk. It was raining from 2am but just light ones.


The grass field that we usually walk on has been cut recently and I think been sprayed with herbicide. Well I don't have any idea about plants and stuff but I saw one was spraying something on the field and the grass died the next few days hahah so I guess that was the sign. :P


We have a little friend in here. :P Took me a while to realize it was there and when I did, Ethan just walked right on the web so it ran (more like crawl actually) away of course.


Since there isn't much grass and tiny plants around, there's also not much insects that I can find. Even the tiny mushrooms were gone. :< But since it just rained, the grasses have big water droplets. Those were interesting enough for me to photograph.


Even this millipede has a lot of tiny water droplets that looked so good on him. :P




And of course, the wet surroundings gave a nice juicy bokeh.



Seems like the spiders are hustling more than usual. Maybe because there's less prey around and still so many of them.


This looks like it came from a distilled water commercial where it shows how 'pure' and fresh it is and that it's from the mountains and farmers (or whoever) ethically 'harvests' them even though it's just water but because of all those it's $25 a bottle



These look like from a healthy plant right? Cos they were. We went to the garden side of the place cos I don't want to spend too much time on the grass. Just 2 weeks ago while Ethan and I were walking, I saw a long snake that has its head up possibly hunting and was just waiting for something to come out. It was a black snake with a yellow belly. Of course I got scared since it was just fucking 4 feet away from me and good thing I was looking at the ground for 'some interesting things' while walking and luckily Ethan didn't see it so he didn't freak out and try to put it in his mouth or whatever.

I first saw its tail and when I saw the head, I immediately pulled Ethan out of the grass. From what I researched, it might be a Samar cobra or a Philippine cobra which by the sound of it is deadly lol. I've seen posts of neighbors about cobras they find wandering in the grass or in their homes. So yeah, we will be more careful next time or maybe just not go walk on the grass anymore.


Me when my bf asks "do you wanna buy something"




Maybe next time I will find a better place for macro photography where there's no random snake lurking around. There were a lot of nice plants and flowers outside of some of the neighbors' houses but I don't want to look like a creep trying to stalk them or something lol.


These are awesome shots. Fujifilm cameras are actually wonderful. But I find it expensive so I stick to my Nikon camera. hehe!

Thank you! Yeah I think the lenses are also quite expensive but I think it’s cos the bodies are mostly mirrorless. :D

yes, the mirrorless camera. and it's lighter than a DSLR camera.

when we were walking around before to do photoshoot i was scared we might encounter a snake when you guys went to the grasses area. I hope the people in charge of cutting those grasses doesn’t have to wait for someone to be victimized and do the job after , anyways as always good shots vyankee, so fresh and detailed.

There were already sightings and incidents of cobras going inside their yards but I don't know what they are doing lol. I guess cutting the grass often is their way of preventing them to hang around more often. Careful lang jud. Murag dili man sila mang attack unless threatened hahah

I guess its part of nature but everything looks great with water drops, Im a car fan and really enjoy watching cars during the rain, its just something about the water splash of a car going fast during the rain, probably is the same for others depending on their hobby or likes, unless the things they like get damage with water, nice pics

It’s not fun for someone just casually walking in the streets and suddenly get splashed by cars tho lol. Hmm yeah I guess cars look kinda cool with water drops, haven’t really thought of them before

Great shots

Thank you!

I am so in love with this amazing photographs....
They are spectacular and really fascinating...do you have an account on Pixabay where you can upload this for commercial purposes or perhaps for some cents??...just asking hehe! I love rainfall! They sorta wash away a noisy environment and bring forth a cooler atmosphere.

No I don't have Pixabay, just Hive. :D If anybody wants to use them for their Hive post they can feel free to do so, with tags I guess. :D

True, it was nice walking at this time cos it was a bit cold. Going out before the sun goes completely up is the best time tho. :D

Oh! Alright that's cool!
See you around!

Awesome Shot's... The way you captured water droplets made this Album way too much interesting though finding these flowers is a bit hard in here... But, well water droplets can fit in any situation. Will capture some next time I see em.

Thank you! There are also tiny flowers from any grass/weed area but they're so tiny you have to really look around to notice them lol. But I don't know maybe it's just different from here and from where you are. Yeah even without flowers those droplets will look good + sunlight haha

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Your shots are so beautiful!!
Maybe you can ask permission from your neighbors hahaha but only if you're friendly with them. 😂
Ethan is a dog? Or cat? 😅

Thank you! Lol I don't wanna bother knocking only to take pics for 2 minutes. It seems a bit "important" too if I ask permission 🤣 But maybe I can pretend to be a student and it's for a school project lol.

Ethan is a dog 😂

HAHAHAHAHA! I can imagine the reaction of the neighbors 🤣

How you were able to get the right angle and the right shots so accurately

Good job @hiddenblade

Thank you! The lens is pretty good with it and with close distance too

We have loads of millipedes dito and it always give me the chills. I am not scared of them and I find them amazing. NOT the idea of them crawling on me though. Hahahaha!

Btw your morning dew snapshots are fab!


Yesss I also don’t want to touch them. But weird enough I used to hold them when I was a kid hahah and just watch them go become a swirl 🤣


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I love the photos, they are absolutely beautiful, but please be careful, okay? Cobras are no joke. Their bite can be deadly.

Thank you! Yeah they are indeed no joke. And I don't know what venomous and non-venomous look like so I avoid all snakes to be safe lol