Mahso Ecotourism Resort

Last week I returned to my hometown of Rasht and on Friday I went to one of the surrounding cities for fun.😉
The name of this city was Anzali Free Zone.
There I went to a native residence that had a beautiful atmosphere.


Green and attractive atmosphere and temperate and humid weather of Gilan province🌳
The beautiful pool and of course the sound of running water in this pool was extremely relaxing.

Next to where I was sitting was a statue with a hand symbol adorned with flowers and greenery.
And it had a special beauty😍

Not really beautiful?

And finally we get to eat😋

Is it possible that you are in the north of Iran, live in Gilan province and do not love kebabs?😎

There is not much to say about these kebabs.
Be sure to travel to Gilan and enjoy❤️✌️


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