Shadows here and there

Shadows here and there

For this post I am sharing a few images with shadows, I know there is a shadow Hunters challenge but I don't know what the theme is for this week if it is still running, but every now again a shadow catches my eye and I snap a shot.

and this first image sis such a case, I was taking a walk around a cemetery I had not visited till this day St Johns here in New Bedford, it is a beautifully maintained cemetery, and I will share a post walking around it some day, but focusing on shadows for this post.
As I said I was walking around the cemetery, I was at the edge of the cemetery near the road as I was taking a shot looking forward, I looked down and saw this shadow and almost jumped a little I thought someone was behind me about to grab me.

Was my imagination running wild, you will have to wait till the end of the post to find out


Sony A7iv 34mm F8 1/80 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

I looked through my folders and found this shot I had already edited and found this one, the shadows of the tree giving an interesting feel to this sign


Sony A7i11 29mm F8 1/200 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Now I forget at the moment which Church these steps and door are on, the door caught my eye, but I had never shared this image and seeing the shadow of the hand rails and of the power lines creating shadows across the door I thought I could slip it into this post


Sony A7ii 28mm F8 1/250 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Back in St Johns Cemetery I walked through there a little before 7 Am, the sun had risen before 6AM so the light was out but the sun still low it gave long shadows which can add a moody kind of feel to the cemetery


Sony A7iv 37mm F8 1/320 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

St Johns Cemetery had some interesting headstones, including this one and the shadow it made


Sony A7iv 68mm F8 1/400 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Now to finish off where I started, what was that shadow with me in the first photo.

Here is the statue that made the Shadow :)


Sony A7iii 175m F8 1/125 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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!pinmapple 41.623989 lat -70.949439 long St Johns Cemetery New Bedford MA d3scr


O my… @tattoodjay I can imagine the reaction when looking down and see that figure with the hands up right behind you 🤣😂 hahaha

Well captured though.
The shadow hunters don’t have a theme and all shadows can be entered by posting in the community. 🤓
Join in again, it’s fun. Just posted mine today.

Beautiful photography. Have a wonderful Saturday 👋🏻😁

I did get a surprise when I saw the statue and quickly turned around and laughed at my reaction when I saw the statue LOL

Hahaha I so can imagine hahaha lol 😂
Things we experience sometimes 😎
Have a good evening @tattoodjay 👋🏻

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Great photography

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated

Have a great day

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Oh, those are fantastic and interesting shadows. And I thought there were two people on the first shadow, it turned out the other one was a statue❤

Thanks been a while since i did a shadow shot,

I to thought that shadow was another person , turned quickly almost worried only to find it was a statue LOL

Have a great day

Nice to have them once in a while. Happy weekend.

The shadows kinda got me. Brilliant.

Thanks, I haven't done a shadows post for ages so was time for one ;)

Have a great day

Very nice post, thanks for sharing! I loved all the shadows!

Thanks Its bene a while since I did a shadows post

Have a great day

Very interesting post and the description of the pictures are great, very complete! I don't know if it was your imagination or you were just inspired enough to catch all those fabulous shapes in the shadows!

I really enjoyed this post!

Great post. Lots of really nice shadows. Looks like you've been saved. Jesus grabbed you 🤣 I like the shadow of the cross from the tombstone and the church door. Fun when shadows are so crisp and placed perfectly - they look like a part of the architecture

LOL yes I must admit i was a little shocked when I saw the shadow and quickly turned and laughed at my reaction when I saw the statue

thanks I must watch out for more shadows :)

When the sun is bright they can show very beautiful shadows like the ones you cast in various places which can make for some really great pictures.

Yes indeed, i find early morning just after sunrise is often good for nice long cool shadows

Have a great day

Thanks kindly your support is appreciated
!LUV some !BEER now and again
Have a great day