Alpenglow in the Himalayas of Nepal

In 2017, my girlfriend and I embarked on a 5 week journey through Nepal. During that time we spent 19 days trekking through the Everest region. We covered almost 300 kilometres, went over 3 mountain passes, 2 glaciers and reached heights of 5600 meters (18373 feet). We did the whole trek without the use of a guide or porter. I found the sense of adventure and accomplishment of doing it completely on our own to be super rewarding. We stayed in tea houses in tiny Nepalese villages along the way. Eating our fair share of dal bhat and noodle dishes, sitting around fireplaces fueled by yak dung. It was a trip that will forever resonate with me and I will for sure be returning someday, in the hopefully not so distant future.

I was fascinated by the last light, aka alpenglow, hitting some of the highest mountains in the world. The red and orange tones seemed to hang on the peaks forever and long after it was gone the sky radiated in cotton candy hues of pink and blue.

Below are a few of my favorite mountains I photographed along the way...


Mt. Everest

The big dog. Standing proud at 8,848 m (29,031.7 ft). Photo taken from Kala Patthar, a minor summit across the way from Everest base camp.


Ama Dablam

My personal favorite. This is how I imagine a child would draw a mountain. Aesthetically pleasing and towering over the surrounding valley at 6,812 m (22,349 ft).



When seen from Everest base camp (EBC) Nupste actually looks bigger than Mount Everest because you are so close to it, it's right in your face. In reality it sits at 7,861 m (25,791 ft), a full 987 m (3,240.7 ft) below Everest.



Thamserku lies at an altitude of 6,608 m (21,680 ft). For many miles it was the most prominent peak you could see for the first leg of our trek.


Kusum Kanguru

Kusum Kanguru, means "Three Snow-White Gods" in the Sherpa language. It sits at 6,367 m (20,889 ft). Here it's pictured as seen from the village Namche Bazaar, where you can get a hot meal, shower and even wifi high up in the middle of the mountains.


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What an adventure and to do it all without a guide. That sounds so amazing to be with the people around the fire eating the food. Great photos!

If there ever was a place to see alpenglow, it'd be the Himalayas.
Phenomenal images Vince! I'd love to visit there and sit around a yak dung fire.

Thanks so much Casey! If you ever do get the opportunity, you should definitely go!
The yak dung fires get a little smokey sometimes, but the food is great and so is the company 😃

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So so so beautiful!
It’s like a painting!
What a crazy adventure! Glad you didn’t encounter problems along the way, without the guide and all that.

This first and last image reminds me of one of the wallpapers on the iMac when I first got it . great work again well done keep up the great work and look forward to seeing more of your content .

i don't belive it's anreal . a lot of beauty in earth