The Place That Is Worth For A Holiday.

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After attending the first day of the Philippine Blockchain Week Conference at The Marriott Grand Ballroom, I checked in to Holiday Inn Express, a three star hotel owned by Intercontinental Hotels Group headquartered at Windsor, England and the hotel of which I temporarily stayed is situated at the intersection of Jasmine Drive and Newport Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines.


I am so happy when I found out that I can see the view of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport from my room which is located at the tenth floor, a scenario that is far from reality for me as a simple guy from the province.


Then the room is air-conditioned and so spacious with two beds, clean bathroom and a cable television set.


Then morning came and before having my breakfast at the ground floor, I sat on the chair to watched the view
at the airport while having a sip of coffee.



After having my coffee I took the elevator to go to the dining area for breakfast.



The foods being served at the buffet is so great especially the bread and muesli that I like most.


There is also ham, brocolli, chicken and lettuce served with rice.


And on the following day, I have a breakfast of beef sausage, my first time to have such, pork adobo and beans, enough to fuel myself for the conference.


Another place that I like most at the hotel is the garden adjacent to the dining area of which I usually hang out if I miss the province life.


Then after the conference, I took a selfie at the walkway leading to the lobby for a souvenir shot.



And before going back to my hometown, I requested the desk clerk of the hotel to have a selfie with me which she gladly accept.


This is my share for this week's Market Friday Community hosted by @dswigle. Thanks for your time reading my humble content.


whenever I see pictures of food, I always get stuck on the food picture ha,ha,ha,ha. Excellent your stay there, I hope you can go out and buy a lot of things heh heh heh. Cheers.